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Annual Gerontology Conference

photo for 2019 Gerontology Conference

A Free Mini-Conference

Issues in Aging: Hooked, Hoarding, Harassment, Hazardous Driving

April 17, 2019
9 a.m. - noon

Main Dining Room, Faculty Center

Sponsored by the Gerontology Center

Click here for conference program

The conference offers sessions on 4 emerging topics of relevance to older adults. The “Hooked” workshop will provide a summary of epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and treatment recommendations regarding opioid use and misuse among older adults. The “Hoarding” workshop will define hoarding behaviors and the psychiatric condition “Hoarding Disorder,” present evidence-based assessment tools for hoarding, review evidence-based interventions for Hoarding Disorder and describe local resources for assisting individuals with Hoarding Disorder. The “Harassment” workshop will enable participants to increase their knowledge about bullying, understand its impact on victims and on bystanders, and explore interventions. The “Hazardous Driving” workshop will help participants learn more about AAA’s Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LONGROAD) study and the importance of mobility planning.

There is no pre-registration for the conference. To better accommodate our participants, please email​ if you plan on attending.​​

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