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E. Belle Evans

Guardo Hall (GH) 106
(401) 456-8042
(401) 456-8616

​​Academic Background

Professor July 2005 to present
Ph.D. Brandeis University Social Welfare May, 1976
M.S.W. Brandeis University Social Welfare May, 1973
M.P.H. Yale University MCH/MH May, 1969
M.Ed. Tufts University Child Study May, 1967
BSN Boston University Nursing May, 1965
BS Boston University Education May, 1964

Courses Taught

SWRK 600 Field Education & Seminar III
SWRK 601 Field Educ & Seminar IV
SWRK 602 Clinical Social Work Practice I
SWRK 603 Clinical Social Work Practice II
SWRK 612 Developing & Managing Human Resources
SWRK 613 Program Plan and Grant Writing
SWRK 620 Supervision In Social Work
SWRK 625 Social Work Practice with Groups
SWRK 635 Practice With Trauma Clients
SWRK 680 Workshop
SWRK 680C Workshop
SWRK 690 Independent Study

Currently Teaching

administration, aging, groups, supervision, trauma

Areas of Expertise

clinical practice (health, aging, disabilities; mental health; older adults and their families) group work, social work administration, treatment of trauma ​​

Page last updated: January 30, 2017