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Dennis Ghindia

Guardo Hall (GH) 110
(401) 456-8024
(401) 456-8629

Academic Background

Associate Professor August 2005 to present
Ph.D. Case Western Reserve UniversityMay 1994
M.S.S.A. Mandel School/Case Western Reserve UniversityMay 1986
B.A. The University of Akron PsychologyMay 1978

Courses Taught

SWRK 435/535 Crisis Intervention & Brief Treatment
SWRK 438/538 Social Work Interventions Substance Abuse
SWRK 472/572 Sexual Orientation & Gender ID
SWRK 532 Gen Foundation & Skills: Direct Practice I
SWRK 600 Field Education & Seminar III
SWRK 601 Field Education & Seminar IV
SWRK 602 Clinical Social Work Practice I
SWRK 603 Clinical Social Work Practice II
SWRK 636 Differential Diagnosis in Clinical Social Work
SWRK 680 Workshop
SWRK 680C Workshop

Currently Teaching

mental health, crisis intervention, practice with glbt clients, substance abuse and treatment, field seminar

Areas of Expertise

clinical social work practice including mental health and substance abuse, practice with adolescents and adults, clinical practice with gay, lesbian and bisexual Individuals, interpersonal violence ​

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