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Daniel Harvey

Guardo Hall (GH) 113
(401) 456-8761

Academic Background

B.S., Northeastern University
M.S.W., Rhode Island College

Courses Taught

SWRK 500 Field Education And Seminar I
SWRK 501 Field Education & Seminar II
SWRK 520 Human Behavior, Diversity, & Oppression I
SWRK 522 Human Behavior, Diversity, & Oppression II
SWRK 532 General Foundation & Skills:Direct Practice I
SWRK 533 General Foundation & Skills Direct Practice II
SWRK 580C Workshop
SWRK 600 Field Education & Seminar III
SWRK 601 Field Education & Seminar IV
SWRK 602 Clinical Social Work Practice I
SWRK 625 Social Work Practice with Groups
SWRK 635 Practice With Trauma Clients ​​​​​

Page last updated: November 25, 2019