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Work Incentives Information & Benefits Counseling

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Do you know you can work while receiving SSI/SSDI disability benefits?

Yes, it is true! If you receive disability benefits and want to work, program rules known as “work incentives” make it possible. You can learn about work incentives from various publications published by the Social Security Administration (SSA), by attending a public information session, and/or by connecting with a certified Work Incentives Benefits Specialist. You can also join the Sherlock Center mailing list to receive timely information.

A Work Incentives Benefits Specialist can show you how to establish and use work incentives such as:
  • Plan to Achieve Self-Support
  • Impairment-Related Work Expenses
  • Student Earned Income Exclusion
  • Continued Medicaid Coverage for Individuals Who Work 1619(b)
  • Expedited Reinstatement

A Work Incentives Benefits Specialist can offer support at all stages of employment.

Services may be just in time, ongoing, and for the short-term or long-term. Some of the services you can receive from a Work Incentives Benefits Specialist include the following:
  • Support with communicating with various agencies such as Social Security or Human Services.
  • Benefits Summary & Analysis (BS&A) – a written report summarizing the impact of employment on your current benefits.
  • Ongoing support when there are changes with your income, health insurance, or household.
  • Developing a plan for coordinating and managing work incentives and changes in benefits. Building a relationship with a benefits specialist can result in a long lasting resource throughout your career.
  • A Work Incentives Benefits Specialist can help you to learn how to manage your benefits.

A Work Incentive Benefits Specialist can support you to understand changes to your benefits.

If you have multiple benefits, it can be challenging to navigate all of the different systems. Benefits like SNAP, Housing, Medicaid, and others may change when you are working. When you connect with a Work Incentives Benefits Specialist, you will find out:
  • About available work incentives
  • How to report your earned income
  • How to minimize overpayments
  • How to access and maintain health insurance
  • What happens when your income increases

How you can access Work Incentives Benefits Counseling.

The following are several ways you can access Work Incentives Benefits Counseling:
  • If you receive services from ORS-Office of Rehabilitation Services or SBVI, contact your VR counselor.
  • If you receive services from DLT- DEI grant, contact your DEI counselor.
  • If you receive funding from BHDDH-DDD, ask your BHDDH Social Worker for an ICE RF form, or ask your Agency Services Coordinator to request work incentives benefits planning on your behalf.
  • If you do not receive services from any of the above organizations, contact the Ticket to Work Help Line. The help line will answer your questions and, if needed, will refer you to the Rhode Island Work Incentive Planning & Assistance (RIWIPA) Project.
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Jeanne Fay
WIBS Manager
Email: jfay@ric.edu
Direct line: 401-456-4733
TTY via RI Relay: 711 or (800) 745-5555
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Vicki Ferrara, WIPA Director
Email: vferrara@ric.edu
Direct line: 401-456-8092
TTY via RI Relay: 711 or (800) 745-5555
Spanish via RI Relay: 711 or (866) 355-9214


RI's ABLE is a financial tool for people with disabilities. Watch this video to learn about eligible expenses, how to open an account, and the many way RI's ABLE can help you to save for the things you need.

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RI Resources
  • Work Incentives & Benefits Planning Overview
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  • Work Incentives & Benefits Planning Overview
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  • Benefits Counseling Decision Making & Service Designation Tool
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SSA Resources

Information Sessions

The Sherlock Center offers information sessions for youth and adults at locations throughout Rhode Island.

Ticket to Work Helpline

Voice: 866-968-7842
TTY: 866-833-2967

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