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Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities, 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI 02908, 401-456-8072
Fieldwork assignments are required for all SME Training participants working towards an ACRE Certificate. An ACRE certificate can be obtained by participating in either the full ACRE approved series (full or half day sessions) or by completing each of the three topic specific mini-series (Vocational Assessment, Job Development, Job Retention and Coaching) within a 24 month period. Fieldwork support is available in-person, by phone and by email.

Fieldwork Support

Need Guidance on SME Fieldwork? To help you meet the SME certificate requirements the Sherlock Center is here to support your success! Fieldwork support is available by phone or in person through regular office hours, selected group review sessions or 1:1 appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Contact: Colleen Graziano
Email: cgraziano@ric.edu

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Fieldwork Assignment Files

Vocational Assessment Assignments Job Development Assignments Job Retention and Coaching Assignments
Cover Sheet 28.8 kb word logo image Cover Sheet 27.6 kb word logo image Cover Sheet 23.5 kb word logo image
Career Profile Plans 59.4 kb word logo image Individualized Job Leads Plan 23.9 kb word logo image Good Fit Model Support Needs and Plan 17.1 kb word logo image
Employment Plan and 30 Day Action Steps 24.6 kb word logo image Job Development Log 20.6 kb word logo image Job Retention Support Plan 28 kb word logo image
Vocational Assessment Summary Sheet 18.2 kb word logo image Employer Presentation Plan 16.7 kb word logo image First Day on the Job 18.2 kb word logo image
Technology for Remote Supports 43 kb word logo image
Business Survey and Log 21.8 kb word logo image Job Coaching Summary Sheet 20.1 kb word logo image
Disclosure Decisions 585 kb pdf logo image Job Development Summary Sheet 22 kb word logo image  

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