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self directed supports for individuals with developmental disabilities

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Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) - This division of Rhode Island's Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH) is responsible for planning, administering and providing supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities. Visit the BHDDH website for more information on DDD eligibility and services.

DDD Social Case Worker - This is the person at DDD who will follow you along as you engage with the DDD system.

Support Intensity Scale (SIS) - The assessment interview that DDD uses to determine your support needs. The SIS interview should happen with you and at least two other people who know you well. You will answer questions about how much help you need to lead a typical adult life. After this interview, DDD will let you know the amount of money they will approve to pay for your supports.

Fiscal Intermediary - "Fiscal" means "having to do with money". "Intermediary" means "in between". A fiscal intermediary is an agency that manages the money allocated by DDD. You do not receive any money directly from DDD, but the fiscal intermediary does, and will pay your support-related bills (mostly your staff wages) with that money.

Individual Support Plan - This is the plan that you will submit to your fiscal intermediary and DDD. An independent plan writer can help you put your plan together. It should include an overview of your current situation, your desired future, your specific goals and support needs, a schedule for staffing included in your plan, and a budget that outlines exactly how you plan to spend your DDD money.

start here if not DDD eligible apply to DDD before age 17 or 2 years before, call 401-462-3421 for an application image

next steps with DDD 1. DDD decides eligibility 2. DDD social case worker assigned 3. supports intensity scale (SIS) completed 4. funding level assigned image

start here if DDD eligible, choose a fiscal intermediary, meet with fiscal intermediary to review program requirements, click for more information image

develop and write individualized self directed plan, think about using a plan writer, click for more information image

next steps with fiscal intermediary 1. submit plan and budget 2. complete employer packet 3. recruit and choose staff 4. review completed employee packet/s 5. make policies for hiring and keeping employees (optional and recommended) image

written authorization from DDD image

supports begin image

ongoing tasks 1. train and supervise staff 2. review and monitor supports for quality and satisfaction 3. develop a plan for replacing staff who resign, are fired, etc image

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