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Person-Centered Thinking (PCT)

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Person-Centered Thinking is a set of values, skills, and tools that puts the person at the center of every aspect of life. It is not a plan or a form..but is a process through which each person:
  • thinks about the experiences he/she wants to have in life or the goals he/she wants to accomplish;
  • takes time to discover and learn about those goals and those experiences - where they happen, what really happens there, what skills are needed, what supports might be needed, how to get there, and other factors;
  • develops a plan to reach his/her goals or to have those experiences;
  • acts on that plan (maybe with the help of others); and
  • reflects on what he/she has learned or achieved.
Person-Centered Thinking is the basis for person-centered planning. If we don't really understand the person, plans will be more about the service or support provider than about the person. If the person is not at the center of every activity, then most likely the plan will not be really meaningful to that person. Goals or experiences that are set by the person are more likely to be achieved than plans that are developed for the person. Any service or support is, after all, about the person.
Person-Centered Thinking Guide

A work group of people who have a developmental disability, family members, advocates and service providers has developed the "Rhode Island Person-Centered Thinking Guide" available below.

This Guide is the basis of the 18-hour training that assists any interested person (who has real life experience with adolescents and/or adults who have developmental disabilities) to become a better facilitator and advisor.
  • Person-Centered Thinking Guide (English) PDF image 3.4 MB (PDF)
  • Person-Centered Thinking Guide (Spanish) PDF image 10.4 MB (PDF)
  • Person-Centered Thinking Guide (large print) PDF image 10.3 MB (PDF)

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