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Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities, 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI 02908, 401-456-8072
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Early Childhood PBIS

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The goal of Early Childhood PBIS is to improve the social emotional development of children in RI's early care and education programs which will support greater developmental and academic growth during preschool and later school years. The program provides evidenced based quality teacher training, technical assistance and program wide system development to address the behavioral and social emotional development of all young children.

RI PBIS curriculum, which embeds the Center for Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning's early childhood training modules, is provided to programs demonstrating appropriate commitments to a three year training and technical assistance process. Trainings address universal prevention practices for building positive relationships and creating supportive, developmentally appropriate environments; secondary prevention and intervention practices to promote essential social skills for children at risk; and tertiary interventions for children with persistent challenging behavior. Representative Leadership teams develop culturally appropriate, family friendly systems for classroom management, functional behavioral analysis and data based decision making. Outcomes of PBIS training and technical assistance are measured annually using the Preschool School wide Evaluation Tool (PreSET). Programs analyze behavioral incident report (BIR) data to target program wide improvements as well as to guide the development of individual behavior support plans.

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