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Rental and Use of College Facilities

Rhode Island College hereby establishes RIC Rooms which shall be the means for reserving physical space on campus for all individuals and organizations, irrespective of affiliation with the college.

Space requests may be made on a space‐available basis, as determined by the college. The college reserves the right to withhold approval of any requested space and/or equipment, establish financial charges for said use, reassign any space, or impose any requirements related to safety, security, or maintenance.

RIC Rooms is not to be used for academic class scheduling. All academic classes are to be scheduled by the Scheduling Officer (Records Office). Faculty who wish to move the regular meeting location of any course must contact the Records Office to arrange the move.


  1. Space and Service Requests -- All spaces and services must be requisitioned using the Web RIC Rooms Client program no less than five (5) calendar days in advance.
    A standard request, if approved, will generate a confirmation email and digital contract that will be sent to the requester within five (5) calendar days.  Requesters from Tiers 1, 2, or 3 (see section E of this policy) should be aware that some facilities require signed contracts and supporting materials.  In such cases, no facility will be considered reserved before the appropriate signed contract and supporting materials are returned to the Approver.  In all other cases, email confirmation will be sufficient.
  2. Requesters should not invite guests or publicize events until a reservation confirmation is received.
  3. Emergency exceptions to the five-day advance requisition may be entertained on a special basis with a request made directly to the Approver.  Even if space is approved, however, requesters should bear in mind that not all services may be available on such short notice.
  4. College employees may not requisition space for non-college groups or activities under their own or their department’s name.  These bookings must be made under the name of the non-college group, which will be charged according to the pricing tier with which they are associated (see sections E and F of this policy).  Any exceptions to this, i.e., “sponsoring” an outside group, must be approved by the appropriate vice president.

Supervision of RIC Rooms

  1. Approval for space requests shall be provided by appropriate individuals as determined by the administration.  These individuals shall be known as “RIC Rooms Space Approvers”.
  2. Approval for service requests shall be provided by appropriate individuals as determined by the administration.  These individuals shall be known as “RIC Rooms Service Approvers”.
  3. Technical support shall be provided by Information Services with input on issues of the public interface from Office of Web Communications.
  4. RIC Rooms user accounts will be created through the Management Information Systems office at the college.
  5. All financial transactions made through RIC Rooms shall be under the jurisdiction of the Assistant Vice President for Finance/Controller.

Categories of Spaces

All spaces eligible for reservation through RIC Rooms shall be categorized according to the type of user.  The categories shall be:

  1. Spaces that may be requisitioned by the general public.  These shall be the only spaces listed online as available to the general public.
  2. Spaces that may be requisitioned by officially recognized RIC student organizations.
  3. Spaces that may be requisitioned by RIC faculty, staff, and administration.
  4. Spaces that the administration has designated to be under the custody of specific departments or offices.

A determination as to which spaces are included within these categories shall be made by the college administration and indicated within RIC Rooms.  This determination is subject to periodic review and may be amended from time to time.

Establishment of Tiers for Pricing Purposes

The charge for the use of campus facilities will vary depending on the nature of the organization using the facility. Whenever there is a question as to which tier a requester belongs, a determination shall be made by the appropriate Vice President with the advice of the approver.

  1. Tier 1: Off-campus general public for-profit or private entities.
  2. Tier 2: Off-campus general public non-profit entities recognized as such by the Internal Revenue Service.
  3. Tier 3: Government agencies.
  4. Tier 4: Recognized RIC-affiliated organizations or programs, including officially recognized student organizations.
  5. Tier 5: Official Rhode Island College activities.

Schedule of Fees

  1. A schedule of fees shall be determined based on the actual cost to the college of operating the requested space for the duration of time requested.  The charge is determined by the pro-rata cost of utilities, maintenance, security, parking, technology, and other normal operational costs to the college.
    • Tier 1: 100% of the usage fee and 100% of any service charges.
    • Tier 2: 50% of the usage fee and 100% of any service charges.
    • Tier 3: 33% of the usage fee and 100% of any service charges.
    • Tier 4: no usage fee but service charges may apply, depending on the facility and/or services requested.
      • Exception – Tier 1 or Tier 2 pricing will apply for events using college facilities and/or organized by college personnel but whose audience consists primarily of non-college attendees.
    • Tier 5: no usage fee, but service charges may apply.
  2. Events that involve eight (8) or more activities on any one day or twenty (20) or more activities over two or more days may be assessed a 5% administrative fee for logistical support and planning.
  3. For tiers 1, 2, and 3, a deposit of 50% of the room rental & service cost(s) must be provided at the time of reservation.  The deposit shall be credited toward the final bill.  In the event of a space-only cancellation less than five (5) days before the event, the college will retain that portion of the deposit as a cancellation fee.  In the event of a food or services cancellation less than thirty (30) days before an event, the college will retain that portion of the deposit as a cancellation fee.
    • Exception: Deposit and cancellation policies for facilities under the jurisdiction of Athletics and the Nazarian Center will prevail for those venues.
  4. In the event of non‐payment of charges, the college may impose a collection fee in addition to space and service charges.

Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use shall be incorporated into all facility use contracts.

  1. Food and Beverage:
    a. All food and beverage service must be provided by College Dining Services. Users may not engage the services of outside caterers or provide food and beverage services themselves without prior authorization from College Dining Services.
    b. Facility users should be aware that food and/or beverages are not permitted in some campus facilities.
  2. Security, Safety, and Liability
  3. a. Access to facilities scheduled in RIC Rooms will be provided by an authorized facility representative or the Security and Safety Department. Users in Tiers 1 and 2 may be requested to present valid identification prior to gaining access to any college facility.
    b. No materials, equipment, baggage, etc. may be stored in facilities for future use without prior arrangement. All materials must be removed at the conclusion of each event.
    c. All users shall observe fire codes and ordinances as established by the State Fire Marshal’s office and the local authority having jurisdiction. The RI state fire code pertaining to places of assembly may be found here:
    d. The City of Providence and Town of North Providence have established ordinances restricting the use of amplified sound. These ordinances may be found here:
    i. Providence - (reference sections 16-91 to 16-109)
    ii. North Providence - (reference sections 20-22 and 20-23)​.
    e. Tier 1 and Tier 2 users shall obtain occurrence-based liability insurance unless this requirement is specifically waived by the college. Additional insurance requirements may be imposed for facilities under the jurisdiction of Athletics and the Nazarian Center.
    f. Facility users are responsible for all damage, theft, or loss of college property related to their contracted facility use.
    g. The possession, consumption and/or provision of alcohol on the Rhode Island College campus is generally prohibited. Exceptions are outlined in the college's policy on alcohol. (link will be made when available.)
    h. Smoking is prohibited in or within fifty (50) feet any college facility.
    i. Weapons, except those worn by law enforcement officers while on duty or used as part of an organized college-sanctioned event, are prohibited on campus.
    j. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of controlled substances is prohibited on college property.
    k. Illegal gambling is prohibited.
  4. Temporary event-related signage - The college has established a policy governing event-related signage. This policy can be accessed on this page. Additional restrictions may apply for certain venues, such as those under the jursidiction of Athletics or the Nazarian Center.
  5. College VIP Notification Policy – Requesters from Tiers 4 and 5 must comply with the Communication of VIP Guest Visits policy, if applicable.  The full policy is available at The notification form is available at

The full Rental and Use of College Facilities policy is available by clicking here.​​​​​​​​​

Page last updated: April 11, 2018