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Willard Hall

Willard Hall courtyard 

Willard Hall is a co-educational freshmen hall designed in a suite style housing 140 students. Each suite, containing single and double rooms, is accessible from an outside courtyard area. Each pair of single and double rooms share a common bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.


Area Coordinator 

Allison Glasier​​


  • Rooms Sizes:
    Single - 9'8" x 7'7" with a hallway of 3' x 6'1"
    Double - 9'8" x 9'10" with a hallway of 3' x 6'1"
  • Window Size: 25" x 46"
  • Room Furniture: Each room has one desk with chair, one bed, one small dresser for each student assigned and one closet per room for roommates to share. All rooms in Willard have carpeted floors.
  • Building Facilities: There is a ​laundry room in the recreation room​. There are vending machines in the recreation room as well as a pool table, a ping pong table and a TV. 


room in Willard Hall room in Willard Hall suite in Willard Hall
Willard Hall basketball court

Page last updated: February 21, 2020