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Computer / Network Information

Assistance in connecting your computer to the internet from your room

To connect to the internet from your room, open your internet browser and it will open to a registration page. If no page comes up, go to After receiving a "Success Code", call the code number into the ResNet hotline at x8743 or (401-456-8743). If no one answers, leave a message. Staff will be checking these messages regularly. Your computer should be enabled shortly after leaving this message.

Any problems that you encounter with this process should be reported to the ResNet hotline at x8743 or (401-456-8743). Patches and service packs are available at Outside Link

How to Connect 

RIC Students are Eligible for Discounts Through the RIC Techstore

The College provides links to vendors for RIC faculty, staff, and students to purchase personal computers at a discount. These sites offer recommended bundles to assist you in deciding what to purchase.

The College does not solely endorse these vendors and recognizes that one may make personal computer purchases from other sources. Technical support for personal purchases is provided by the vendor. To assure continued vendor support, the College recommends that all purchases include a minimum manufacturer's warranty of three years.

What Kind of Computer Will Work in My Room?

The staff at User Support Services have set up a webpage that gives computer requirements to be compatible with the residence hall network.

Click here to learn more about suggested system requirements


Customer Service Available 24/7

Page last updated: March 28, 2017