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General Information

Attention - All undergraduate degree candidates:

The academic advising plan is now in effect. You must meet with your advisor before registering for courses.
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Registration Process

All students register for classes via the web through MyRIC. For answers regarding general registration issues, call the Records Office at 456-8213.

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Selecting Courses

Consult with your assigned advisor and the Rhode Island College Catalog to ensure course selection suitability, prerequisites, or other entrance requirements. If you do not have an advisor or do not know who your advisor is, contact the Office of Academic Support and Information Services (OASIS) at 456-8183.

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Course Prerequisites

It is your responsibility to be sure you have satisfied the course prerequisites before registering for any course. Course prerequisites are listed in the current Rhode Island College Catalog at the end of the course description. If you attempt to register for courses without having fulfilled the prerequisites you may be blocked from these courses. Restrictions, such as minimum grade point average, earned credits, or major, may apply. You may also browse the on-line Rhode Island College Catalog to check prerequisites for courses.

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Call / Class Numbers

The five-digit number preceding each course is the number needed to access the registration system. Each course section has a unique code. Some courses require departmental consent to enroll. These courses are designated in the Course Listing by a "†". Contact the offering department for registration information.

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Undergraduate Course Load

Full-time status is accorded undergraduates who enroll for 12 or more credit hours. Normally, no student shall be permitted to enroll in more than 18 credit hours in the fall or the spring semester. The maximum course load during the summer is 8 credit hours per summer session. Any exception to the maximum course load policy must be approved in writing by the appropriate academic dean.

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Graduate Course Load

Graduate students registered for at least 9 credit hours during a semester are considered to have full-time status. A normal work load for graduate students is 12 credit hours for any semester. Maximum loads are 15 credit hours per semester and eight credit hours per summer session. Students holding appointments as graduate assistants or graduate research assistants are considered as having full-time status, but must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits each semester or 6 credits in any one summer session.

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Page last updated: December 30, 2020