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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add or drop a course?

Students are able to add or drop courses during the first two weeks of the semester without any consultation or notation on the student’s transcript.  Students can make changes to their schedule by following these steps:

Log in to My.RIC

Adding a class:

  • To add a class, under Enrollment, choose Add Class
  • If you know the 5 digit Class number, you can enter it under “Add to Cart”; if not, you can click “search” to look for a course.  Once you find the course you want, click “select”.
  • The enrollment information about the course will show; once you confirm the criteria, click “next”; the course will be added to your shopping cart.
  • Click “Proceed to step 2”
  • Click “Finish Enrolling” to process your request.

Dropping a class:

  • To drop a class, under Enrollment, choose Drop Class
  • Select the course that you want to drop
  • Click “Drop Selected Classes”

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Can I withdraw from a course?

Students who wish to change their registration by withdrawing from a course section may do so by logging into My.RIC.  Drops before the last withdrawal date will be recorded as a W which will not count in your grade point average.  Withdrawing from a course may affect your full-time status and financial aid.  It is strongly encouraged to seek advice from your instructor, advisor or department chair.

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How do I change, add or remove my major or minor?

Students looking to make changes to their curriculum should first start with the department of the major or minor you are choosing.  For most cases, the department has the ability to add the major or minor.  If you would like to remove a major or minor, you need to fill out the Change of Curriculum Form; found at this link: Adobe PDF   The form will need to be turned in to the Records Office for processing.

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How can I receive a copy of my transcript?

Current students may request a transcript by logging onto your My.RIC account.  If you are no longer a student, you may request a transcript at the following link: The processing time is 2 to 4 days.  Please be patient during peak times for processing time will be longer.  There is no fee for transcripts.

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How do I request an enrollment verification letter?

Students may request an enrollment verification letter for reasons such as: health/medical insurance, loan deferments, scholarships etc… The company requesting the enrollment verification may provide a form to be filled out by the Records Office. You may request to have the form completed or an enrollment letter. You will need to request the information by stopping into the office. Requests can also be made by faxing a request to 456-8108. The processing time is 2 to 4 days.

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Can I transfer courses from another institution?

In special circumstances, students may be permitted to take courses at other colleges and have the credit transferred to Rhode Island College.  Students need to file an Authorization of Credit form with the Records Office before pursuing credit.  It is required to receive permission from the department chair of the subject you plan to take.  In order to receive credit for the course, you will need to provide a sealed official transcript to the Records Office.  The Authorization of Credit form may be found at the following link:  Adobe PDF

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What is an Universal Advising Hold (UAD) and how is it removed?

The Records Office places Universal Advising Holds on all students’ prior to registration for the fall and spring semesters. Students must meet with their academic advisors in order to have the hold removed. The Universal Advising Hold will block any attempt to register for the next semester.

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What happens if I repeat a course?

Courses may be repeated only once; however, a student who wishes to repeat a course a third time may request permission from the Academic Standing Committee.  Academic Standing petition forms may be found at the following link

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What does it mean to audit a course?

When auditing a course, you participate in a course without receiving credit or affecting your GPA.  To audit a course, you need to obtain a Course Audit form, found at the following link: Adobe PDF   The form needs approval from the instructor and the respective department chair.  You are required to pay for the credits associated with the audited course.

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What does it mean to take a course for Credit/No Credit?

The term Credit/No Credit is used where CR is given to students who achieve a grade between A and D-.  NCR is given to students who earn an F.  Courses graded with CR/NCR are not factored into the GPA average.  Courses with CR count towards graduation while NCR grades do not.  You are entitled to choose to take a course for CR/NCR with the following limitations:

  • No one can take more than one course per semester under this option
  • The total number of courses taken for credit/no credit and counted toward graduation shall not exceed six. 
  • A course in a student’s major, concentration, minor or cognate cannot be taken for credit/no credit.
  • No course taken as a general education requirement may be taken for credit/no credit.

The Credit/No Credit Option Contract is due on the last day to withdraw from classes without permission.  The Credit/No Credit Option Contract may be found at the following link: Adobe PDF

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What does an Incomplete (I) grade mean?

In the undergraduate program, incompletes should only be given to students with extenuating circumstances. If you receive an incomplete, the time limit for completing course requirements is the last day of classes of the following semester (excluding summer session). Your instructor has up until the grading due date to submit a grade before the incomplete is changed to a failing grade.

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Did I make the Dean’s List?

If you achieved a minimum GPA of 3.25 and all passing grades in any semester with a minimum of 12 earned credits, your name will be placed on the Dean’s List in recognition of your scholastic achievement for that semester.  The notation will appear on your transcript.  A list of students that made the Dean’s list can be found at this link:

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How do I apply to graduate?

Students are strongly advised to apply to graduate at least 3 semesters before you plan to graduate.  To apply to graduate, login to My.RIC and follow these steps:

  • Select “My Academics”
  • Click “Apply for graduation”
  • Select your program
  • Choose your Expected Graduation Term
  • Verify your information and make updates as needed

For more information, refer to the following link for more information:

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Am I ready to graduate and what are the graduation requirements?


  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • Complete all curricular requirement including
    • General education
    • All major or concentration and if applicable minor
    • College Writing requirement
    • College Mathematics requirement
  • Achieve a minimum of 120 credits with at least 45 credits at RIC


  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Complete all curricular requirements as required by the school or department

Refer to the Graduate Policies and Procedure Manual found at this link for more information:

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I received my Academic Advisement Transcript/Degree Audit, what does this mean?

Your academic advisement transcript is useful so that you understand your remaining courses and credits needed to graduate.  If you have any questions, you may contact your Academic Advisor or the Records Office.

For students with the last name beginning with A – K: contact Terry Wilcox-Riley at

For students with the last name beginning with L – Z: contact Amy Cherry at

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How do I substitute or waive a course requirement?

Substitution and waivers of courses requirements may be submitted to the Records Office.  Your Department Chair must approve the substitution or waiver.  Once the form is approved, you will see notation on your academic advisement transcript.  Forms may be found at the following link: Adobe PDF

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Am I graduating with honors?

Graduating undergraduate seniors are recognized for Latin Honor with the following standards:

Summa Cum Laude: 3.85 – 4.00

Magna Cum Laude: 3.60 – 3.84

Cum Laude: 3.25 – 3.59

You need a minimum of 54 credits earned at RIC to be eligible for Latin Honors.

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When will I receive my diploma?

The Records Office completes students three times a year, in May, August and January.  There is only one graduation ceremony in May on the second Saturday of the month.  Summer completers will have an August 15 graduation date and fall completers will have January 15.  Diplomas will be mailed two weeks after the student’s graduation date.  Be sure to update your home address (not mailing address) with the Records Office.  Change of Information forms may be found at the following link Adobe PDF

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How do I receive a replacement/duplicate diploma?

Students may request a replacement or duplicate diploma.  The fee is $25.  The processing time is two weeks.  The form can be found at the following link: Adobe PDF

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Page last updated: December 28, 2018