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Richard Weiner

Gaige Hall 249           
(401) 456-8749

Academic Background

Ph.D. (1979), M. Phil. (1976): Political Science/Sociology COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY
M.A. (1971), Political Science/Sociology NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH
B.A. (1967), Political Science/Economics (Honors) BROOKLYN COLLEGE

Certification: New York State Teacher’s Regular License, Common Branches, K-6 (Hunter College, 1968)
Non-Degree Study: New York University Law School (1967-68); Goethe Universitat, Frankfurt a.M. (1975)
Visiting Fellow: University of Chicago (1974); London School of Economics (1975; 1982; 1984-85)
Centre d’etudes des movement sociaux/Centre d’analyse et d’intervention sociologiques
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris (1978, 1979, 1980)

Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, and Tenured Professor of Political Science
Rhode Island College, Providence, 1989-
Interim Dean (1987-89) and Tenured Full Professor Political Science & Sociology (1976-89)
University of North Florida, Jacksonville (Assist Prof 76-91; Assoc Prof 81-87)
Chairperson Dept of Political Science & Sociology (1983-87)/Dept Language & Literature [87]
Visiting Professor (Politics), Cambridge University International Summer School (1986)
Visiting Senior Lecturer (Politics), South Bank University, London UK (1984-85)
Visiting Assoc Professor (Politics), Florida State University London Program (1982)
Art Teacher, Hyde Park Jewish Community Center, Chicago (Fall 1974)
Fourth Grade Teacher, PS 150 South Bronx (1968-69); PS 298 (Ocean Hill-Brownsville,
Brooklyn (1969-71)

Courses Taught

HIST 316 Political Thought Mod World
HIST 317 Politics and Society
HIST 350 Topics:
HIST 551 Topics:
POL 204 Intro to Political Thought
POL 316 Modern Western Political Thght
POL 317 Politics and Society
POL 350 Topics
POL 371 Readings In Political Science
POL 444 British Pol&Cultural Studies
POL 445 European Political Geography
POL 550 Topics
SOC 300 Classical Sociolog Theories
SOC 317 Politics and Society

Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Honors

Nominated for Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award, American Political Science Association (1982)
Awarded Key to the City of Jacksonville by Mayor Tommy Hazouri for "service to the people of the City" (1989)
John Burgess Distinguished Fellow in Political Science, Columbia University (1974-76)
President’s Fellow, Columbia University (1974-75)

Selected Grants

US Department of Education Foreign Languages and International Studies Grant to initiate an International
Non-Governmental Organization Studies Minor/Certificate Program. $139,000 (2006-08).
Initiated "Teaching with Technology" faculty development program of RIBGHE (1998-2001);
Florida Foundation of the Arts Grant for Conference on Post Modern Architecture (1989)
Guided 2 Champlin Foundation Grants to build media labs at RIC (1994/1998);
Starter Grant from River Branch/Johnson & Johnson Foundation for N. Florida Humanities Center, $87,000 (1989)
Portz Honors Program Special Seminar Grants (1992/2000)
Goethe Institute Grant to initiate the October Series at Rhode Island College (1991). Followed by partnership grants from the Bread and Roses Project, AFL-CIO; RISD; Thomas Erben Gallery,NY
Secured two $30,000 gallery exhibits from the Corcoran Gallery of Arts, Washington, DC,"Bosnia Dismembered" (1994) and “Raised by Wolves: Children on the Street” (1996), for October Series Exhibitions in Bannister Gallery


  • Fugitive Subjectivity: Social Rights & The Governance of Social Law (Oxford: Berghahn Books, Forthcoming in 2008/09), under contract

  • Cultural Marxism and Political Sociology (London/Beverly Hills: Sage, 1981)

Selected Refereed Articles

  • "Franz Neumann," "Guild Socialism," International Encyclopedia of Political Science (Washington: Congressional Quarterly Books, 2008).

  • "Discourse and Argument in Instituting the Governance of Social Law," Central European Political Science Review, 5:15 (2004), 6-34.

  • "Carl Schmitt’s Denial of the Social: A Review Essay." Constellations 5;4 (1998), 579-82.

  • "Social Rights and a Critical Sociology of Law," Current Perspectives in Social Theory [CPST] 17 (1997), 217-57.

  • "East European Jewish Socialism and American Exceptionalism: Lessons from the New York City Needle Trades," in A. Singh, M. Skidmore, I. Sequlera, ets. American Studies Today (New Delhi: Creative Books, 19995), pp. 259-275.

  • "Retrieving Civil Society in a Post Modern Epoch," Social Science Journal, 28, 3 (1991) 307-23.

  • "Marxism’s American Reception," Labor History Review, n. 56 (1988), 78-81.

  • "Must Social Democracy Always Lead to Corporatism?," CPST 8 (1987), 239-77.

  • "Corporatism and the Disciplinary State,’ Contemporary Sociology, v. 16, n. 6 (1987), a journal of the American Sociological Association , pp. 815-817.

  • "Implementing Ethics?--Professional Image, Professional Arrogance" as the extended introductory article for the collection of essays of Ralph Chandler, Civic Virtue in the American Republic:Essays on Moral Philosophy and Public Administration. (New Issues Press of the University of Michigan Presses, 1987) edited by Jack Plano, pp. 1-25.

  • "Social Movements & Political Discourse in 1920’s Peking: An Analysis of the Tramway Riot of October 22, 1927": in Susan Mann Jones, ed. Political Leadership & Social Change at the Local Level: Proceedings of the National Endowment for the Humanities Modern China Project at the University of Chicago (1979), 137-179. [co-authored with David Strand]

  • "Mouvements sociaux et discourse politique dans le Pekin de 1920," Sociologie du Travail (Paris: Editions du Seuil, 1978) 20, 4:353-78. [co-authored with David Strand].

Paper Presentations (over 100 in all)

American Political Science Association (15), International Political Science Association (7); Oxford University; University of Bremen Law School; Sussex University, University of Chicago (2); University of California, Berkeley; New School for Social Research (2); Acadia University, Nova Scotia; Brown University; Temple University; Sheffield University; Bard College; International Studies Association (2); Southern Political Science Association (4); Midwest Sociological Society (7); International Society for the Study of European Ideas (7) European Consortium Political Research; The Public Choice Society.

Teaching Areas

(As Dean, I have taught 2 to 4 courses per year)

Politics & Society/ Political Sociology
Modern Western Political Thought
British Politics & Cultural Studies
Social Movements & Social Change
European Political Geography/ Psychogeography
Intellectual History
Political Ideologies
History of Sociological Theory
European Politics
Social Stratification
Sociology of Human Interaction
Racial & Cultural Minorities
Phenomenology & Critical Theory

Selected Student Achievements

University of Wisconsin Law Review; Temple University Law Review; Columbia University Law School; Boston University Law School; Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs; M. Developmental Economics, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced Study in Public Affairs; M. European Union Studies; London School of Economics; Emory University Law School; Syracuse University Law School; University of Florida Law School; UCONN Law School; Ph.D. programs at Brown University, Florida State University, CUNY; Brandeis University & Cornell University.

Deanly Initiatives

MFA,Theatre: Performance & Society; M. A. Art, Media Studies; Minor & Cerificate Program, International NGO Studies; Artist & Society Learning Community; CareGiving & Society Learning Community; Bridges Outreach Learning Community and mentoring program; Teaching with Technology Fellows Web CT Program; Annual October Series centering around a provocative art exhibit; annual summer abroad course in London & Paris; Data Reliability Committee to monitor assessment & program reviews; worked tirelessly with three deans of education in securing NCATE reaccreditation; secured NASM & NASAD reaccreditation of music & art programs; developed identity of Faculty of Arts & Sciences with logo, junior year honors colloquium; RI Teacher Educator Renewal Seminar in History/ Social Science; regular newsletter, academic conference, & annual opening meeting extravaganza.

Papers Being Revised for Publication

"Piacular Subjectivity & Contested Narrative in the Imre Nagy Memorials" with Karl Benziger, Telos

"The Political Economy of Deaning" with Wolfgang Gick, Public Choice Society

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