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The London Course

During the summers of even-numbered years, students can study British and European politics, government and culture, urban geography, city planning in London, and the European Union in this program. Visits to the Parliament and the Old Bailey, the museums and guided walking tours of London -- as well as separate days in Brighton, Cambridge and Oxford; and three days in Paris are part of the experience.

The London Course is divided into two components a six-week proseminar at Rhode Island College (May-June) followed by a three-week stay in London (July). Students register for two courses:

Political Science 444 British Politics and Cultural Studies (3 cr.) which focuses on British politics and government, art and architecture, as well as the experience of subcultures. (Summer Session 1)

Political Science 445 European Political Geography (3 cr.) A field trip study of the history and growth of London and Paris with a psychogeography perspective, that is, a perspective interpreting the hidden histories and desires of the built urban environment. (Summer Session 2)

The Course is supervised by Professors Rich Weiner ( and Seth Dixon ( Course cost is about $5,000 for a six credit program including course tuition, air fare, room and board, and some entertainment expenses. Financial Aid is available.

Page last updated: February 27, 2020