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Alumni Honor Roll

The following are a few alumni of the Political Science department whom the college has named to its alumni honor role and what they have to say about their experience at the College:

James Langevin

Class of 1990

BA Political Science, Master of Public Administration Kennedy School, Harvard University, currently the RI United States Representative from the 2nd Congressional District: "Rhode Island College - builds a strong foundation for our state's future."

Michael Ryan

Class of 1974

BA Political Science, currently, Vice President, Narragansett Electric: "Rhode Island College offers today what it did when I graduated - a balanced combination of intellectual challenges and solid preparation for the post-degree world."

Kathyrn A. Gay Sherman

Class of 1993

BA Political Science/Public Administration, MPA URI/RIC, Manager, Program Administration, State of Rhode Island, Department of Mental Health, Retardation and Hospitals:

"I entered Rhode Island College as the first college student in my family, older than most of my classmates, and uncertain of my educational and career direction. Under the guidance and direction of the political science/public administration professors, I learned valuable problem-solving skills and how to integrate and present analyses regarding conflicting information. Building upon these skills, coupled with the strong education foundation that I received at RIC, I have been able to achieve my initial educational and professional goals. This foundation serves as a solid base for my evolving educational and career goals."

William Fazioli

Class of 1986

BA Political Science/Public Administration, MPA Rockefeller College, Senior Vice President, First Southwest Company, First Southwest Company:

"Admittedly, I first came to Rhode Island College not as my first choice for attending college. I had hoped to attend a large, well-known university that had a strong reputation for academic excellence and a rich sports history. However, financial realities narrowed my ultimate choice to Rhode Island College, and as it turned, out those circumstances taught me some invaluable lessons at an early age. First, the outcome of a situation largely depends on your attitude and what you put into it. Secondly, most things are not as they appear to be on the surface. Finally, the most significant experiences in life are those that required a little work to discover their true meaning. These values still ring true nearly 20 years after graduation in most aspects of life."

Lynn M. Farrell

Class of 1999

BA Political Science/Public Administration, MBA URI/RIC, Program Management Development Lead, Bell Helicopter, Textron:

"My decision to return to Rhode Island College after a 10 year hiatus from higher education, and to major in political science and public administration, put me on the path to a leadership position in a fortune 500 company. With the mentoring of the public administration and political science faculty, I now find myself conducting business in a global forum. I have come to understand and appreciate how well Rhode Island College prepared me for my future."

Marlene Roberti

Class of 1985

BA Political Science, Master of Public Administration, URI/RIC MPA Program, currently Director of Community Relations, Community Health Services, Inc., Attleboro : "From service as a page at the State House to Walt Disney World, RIC provided me opportunities that reached far beyond the classroom."

Michael K. Maran, Esq.

Class of 1980

BA Political Science, JD University of Connecticut: "The faculty of Rhode Island College gave me the skills I needed to succeed in graduate school and in my profession as a lawyer."

Tina Maria Rosa

Class of 1990

BA Political Science/Public Administration, MPA URI/RIC MPA Program, currently Supervising Employee Relations Officer, RI Department of Corrections: "Rhode Island College provided me with a solid foundation to build a successful career in Public Administration. I am proud to be part of the RIC community."

Davida James Andrews

Class of 1985

BA Political Science, MA Brandeis University, currently Assistant Vice President, Business Development, Chase Manhattan Bank, NYC: "I am blessed to have attended Rhode Island College. I met professors who took the time to challenge and prepare me for the future. I learned to think critically, and analyze information. I consider my undergraduate experience to be part of a continued love of learning and success in my professional career."

Scott Simoneau

Class of 1987

BA Political Science/Public Administration, Master of Public Administration, University of Connecticut, currently, Senior Policy Analyst Connecticut State Legislature: "Rhode Island College provided me with the educational foundation to succeed professionally and personally. I found the public administration internship and courses to be the perfect combination of theoretical and practical...that ensured my knowledge and skills were job relevant and gave me the opportunity to develop essential community contacts."

Madeline Quirk

Class of 1976

J.D. Suffolk University Associate, currently Justice, Rhode Island District Court: "One of the best decisions I ever made was to attend Rhode Island College. My years at Rhode Island College set me on a course for professional success that I never anticipated. The Political Science Department was small and intimate. The students received a top rate education and a great degree of personal attention. The professors guided me to student service at several governmental organizations. These positions were the building blocks upon which I gained employment in government and entry to law school. More importantly, these experiences instilled a self-confidence that simply did not exist when I entered college."​

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