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First-Year Support Services

PEP provides you with a comprehensive program of support and advising that will enhance your experience as a first year student. Our approach is student-centered and focuses on your strengths and goals. We value you who you are as a student and individual and incorporate that approach into all of our program services and activities.

First-Year Academic Services​

  • Individual Advising: You will attend regular meetings with your PEP advisor from September-May to ensure fulfillment of first-year requirements and tp discuss your academic progress as a first year student. We will work together to identify resources and strategies that will enhance your success and experience as a student.
  • Computer Lab: We welcome students to use our computer lab and printing area in the Student Support Services Office (Craig-​Lee 049)
  • College Major Exploration Series: During Wednesday Free Periods in spring semester, PEP hosts faculty from a variety of academic departments to discuss majors and career opportunities.
  • Wednesday Programming: Every Wednesday join the PEP community for a series of events led by the PEP peer leaders!
  • Peer Mentor Network: PEP students who have completed their first year will be invited to apply to serve as PEP peer leader.
  • Textbook and Resource Library: We have Math textbooks and calculators available for borrow in our program resource area.​

Page last updated: April 25, 2019