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Parking Procedures at Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College provides FREE parking passes to our campus community. Under current parking procedures, parking lots on campus have been assigned to specific groups of the campus community. Each is color-​coded differently. ​All existing reserved and handicap spaces will remain the same.

Campus Parking Permits

Request RIC Parking Permits Here

ALL current Commuter student and Faculty/Staff parking permits will remain in force and DO NOT have to be replaced. Commuter students and Faculty/Staff permit colors will remain the same:


ALL resident students with vehicles MUST get a new NAVY colored permit and park ONLY in L LOT during the day. After 5 p.m. resident students are allowed to park next to the RECREATION​ CENTER until closing.

COMMUTER STUDENTS may park in designated Commuter Lots, Open Lots, and approved on-street parking.
FACULTY/STAFF may park in designated Faculty/Staff Lots, Open Lots, and  approved on-street parking
ADMINISTRATION has assigned parking.

Please be advised that by State law​ campus parking tickets are now $85 per violation. Campus Police will ticket violators for parking in unauthorized lots. Tickets will also be issued to vehicles that have no permit on their car.

If you have questions about parking procedures, contact the Campus Police office at (401) 456-8888.

Commuter Students (Gold) Parking available in lots B, E3, E6, F, H, I, J (lower two-thirds), 36, and Y.
Resident Students (Navy) Parking available in lot L. Parking also available in lot E3 (Recreation Center) after 5 p.m.​
Faculty/Staff, Adjunct Faculty, Part-Time Employees (Burgundy) Parking available in lots D, V, 34, Q, 37, W,  S, J (upper third), M, N, E9, E4, E7, E8, and E11. Parking also available in lot E3 (Recreation Center) after 5 p.m​.
Visitors All visitors MUST check in with Campus Police at The Welcome Center (Mt. Pleasant Avenue entrance) to obtain a visitor parking tag. Visitors can park in ANY lot with an authorized visitor tag.
Open Parking (Grey) Parking lots A, C, K, 28,​ and Welcome Center as well as street parking, represent open parking which is available to all groups with the exception of resident students.

How to Obtain A Temporary Visitor Parking Permit

  1. Go to the Campus Police office located in The Welcome Center.
  2. You must have your operator’s license and registration present when picking up your temporary visitor parking pass

Additional Information

  • There is no longer parking on Dorm Lane due to fire safety regulations.
  • All are pre-approved for one parking permit. Faculty & Staff: If you require an extra permit, you will need to request this through Campus Police.
  • If your vehicle does not have a permit for any reason, you will need to notify Campus Police at (401) 456-8888.
  • For temporary disability access, students should request assistance from the Disability Services Center.
    ​Faculty and staff should speak with Beth Cabana in the Office of Human Resources regarding the Temporary Parking Program.
  • No overnight parking is allowed except in parking lots L (for resident students only) and M (for police personnel only). If overnight parking is needed, students and faculty must first check with Campus Police.​
  • Any non-resident student staying overnight in a residence hall must obtain a visitor's tag at Campus Police located in The Welcome Center.
  • Faculty and staff members who have bought new vehicles must bring their old permit back to Campus Police. A new one will be issued to you.
  • Currently enrolled RIC students are able to receive parking permits. However, if you are not currently enrolled, you cannot receive a parking permit.

For questions regarding this new system, please contact Campus Police at (401) 456-8888.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Page last updated: August 26, 2020