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Suggestions for Future Books

The Open Books-Open Minds Committee Welcomes Your Suggestions for Future Books!

Guidelines for Selection of the OBOM Common Book

  • The book must be selected for reasons of distinction (for example, excellent treatment of a particular theme, and the quality of the writing), but must also be accessible to entering freshmen, in terms of language, length, and availability (including price).
  • The book must be one that is likely to interest many freshmen, possibly because of its theme (coming of age, for example), timeliness (in relation to local events or controversial issues, for example), or outside publicity related to it.
  • It is desirable that the book be one that can easily be incorporated into at least one of the courses most students take freshman year.
  • The topic of the book should offer interesting programming opportunities, including the potential for an author visit which should be considered early in the selection process.
  • The book should not be one that many of our students read in high school.​

Page last updated: May 05, 2016