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Open Books-Open Minds Mentor Program

Become a Student Discussion Leader!

What is an OBOM Mentor or Discussion Leader?

Any student, sophomore and above, who works closely with an Instructor to help lead discussions on the common book selection for that year.

What does a discussion leader have to do?

  • Pre-register ​for COLL 202.
  • Meet with the host instructor to discuss your role.
  • Participate in Open Books-Open Minds programs.
  • Write a paper for COLL202 that you could submit to the spring student conference.

What does the student discussion leader get?

  • One college course credit
  • Great one-on-one experience with a talented Instructor!
  • Active involvement in campus events as well as with other faculty, staff, and administrators outside of the usual contexts.
  • A chance to engage undergraduates who see you as a model and a student leader.

Who do I contact, if I am interested?

Zubeda Jalalzai,,

Become a Faculty Host!

Who is a faculty host?

Any RIC Instructor who shall be teaching the common book in class and would like to have an upper level student help with those discussions.

What does a faculty host have to do?

  • Teach the common book.
  • Meet with the discussion leader to discuss his/her role in your class.
  • Apprentice the discussion leader by modeling effective teaching strategies.

What does a faculty host get?

  • A chance to mentor bright undergraduates and also engage them as intellectual peers.
  • Opportunity to provide your students with an example of active student participation at work!
  • A chance to draw from the OBOM events (including the student conference) as components of your course.

Who do I contact, if I am interested?

Zubeda Jalalzai,,​

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Page last updated: June 07, 2018