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SON Accomplishments AY 2012 – 2013

Faculty Publications:

Byrd, M.E., Costello, J., Gremel, K., Schwager, J., Blanchette, L., & Malloy, T.E. (2012). Political astuteness of baccalaureate nursing students following an active learning experience in health policy. Public Health Nursing. 29(5). 433-443. doi 10.1111/j.1525-1446.2012.01032.x

Costello, J. (2013) Roles and strategies of diabetes support group facilitators: An exploratory study. The Diabetes Educator, March/April 2013. 39:178-186, first published on February 14, 2013 as doi: 10.1177/0145721713476347.

Cuccio, L. Cerullo, E., Paradis, H., Padula, C. et al. (2012). An evidence-based oral care protocol to decrease ventilator associated pneumonia. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 31(5). 301-308.

Filinson, R., Clark, P., Evans, J., Padula, C., & Wiley, C. (2012).The brave new world of GEC evaluation: the experience of the Rhode Island Geriatric Education Center. Gerontology Geriatric Education. 33(3), 253-271.

Galloway, S. Monthly Health-related articles in Church Notes, publication of the Church of The Apostles, Coventry, RI

Gremel, K. (May 2013) Exploring nurse case manager’s language describing health needs and interventions with populations. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation.) University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.

Matteson, P. & UCC FCN Leadership Team (2013) An Informational Manual on Faith Community Nursing. Cleveland. OH: UCC

Mock, M.S. & Sethares, K. (2013). Uncertainty and health literacy: Correlates of self-care in older adults with heart failure one month after hospitalization. Heart & Lung. 42. 290-300.

Vernon, G. Carty, A., Salemno, C., & Siskind, M. (2013). Understanding Parkinson’s disease: An unfolding case study. Manuscript submitted to Nurse Practitioner Journal.

Faculty Presentations:

Beckham, R. , Servello, D. Stephenson, E. & Pogue, C. (April 2013). Successful nurse transition from practice to academia. Resource Utilization in Nursing and Healthcare, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN.

Blanchette, L. (June 2012). Utilizing Role Theory for Development of a Town Nurse Model. Presentation at the Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE ), Portland, OR.

Blanchette, L. & Gremel, K.  ( June 2013). Developing Political Astuteness in Undergraduate Students. Podium presentation at the 2013 SCHNE & APHN Joint Meeting in Raleigh, NC.

Blasdell, N. , DeMasi, K. D’Eramo, A. Shaw, S. (May 2013). Making a Difference in RN Transition to Practice. Poster presentation at the 21st Annual Conference for Nurse Educators: Meeting Practice challenges through Education Redesign, North Falmouth, MA.

Brennan, K. (October 2012). Women’s Seminar, Presentation at Salem Gospel Church, Potters Avenue, Providence, RI.

Costello, J. (November 2012).  Implementation of Routine HIV Testing in an Acute Care Hospital: A Nurse Initiated Opt-Out Pilot Project.  Podium presented  at the 25th Annual Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Conference, Tucson, AZ. 

Costello, J. (December 2012). Implementation of Routine HIV Testing in an Acute Care Hospital in Rhode Island: A Nurse Initiated Opt-Out Pilot Project. Podium Presentation at the Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research Research-in-Progress Seminar at The Miriam Hospital, Providence, RI.

Creamer, A. & Bengtson, R. (June 2012). Litigation In Education: When A Student Sues. Presentation at the Community College of Rhode island Department of Nursing, Warwick, RI.  

Deckro, J. (October 2012). Joining Forces: Considerations in the Care of the Veteran. Presentation at Homecoming 2012, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI.

Deckro, J. & Murphy, J. (October 2012). Outcomes from the HIT Scholars Program: Vitual CPRS Educational Platform (VCEP) and More!  Poster presentation at the NLN Seventh Annual Technology Conference, Spokane, WA.

DeMasi, K. & Blasdell, N. (May 2013). RN Residency Programs: Current Trends and Future Developments Presentation at Rhode Island College School of Nursing Annual Consumer Advisory Breakfast, Providence, RI.

DeMasi, K., Drapeau, J., Daniels, E., Fenn, M., Pellizzari, G. & Fife, D. (July 2013). An Environment of Excellence: Improving Interprofessional  Communication. Poster presentation at Summer Institutes on Evidenced-Based Quality Improvement, San Antonio, TX.

D’Eramo, A. & DeMasi, K. (June 2013). End of Life Simulation: An Interprofessional Experience. Poster presented at the Eighth Annual Conference of the New Jersey End-of-Life Nursing Education-Navigating the Waves of Change in End of Life and Palliative Care, Atlantic City, NJ.

Foote, M. (July 2012). Nutrition Workshop for PEP Students. Rhode Island College, Providence, RI. 

Hetzel, K. (October 2012). Identifying groups at risk. Presentation at the Massachusetts Nurses Association Program, Domestic Violence: Its Multiple Dimensions, A Program for Nurses. Canton, MA.

Huntley-Newby, D. (July 2012).  Redesigning Nursing Education for Advanced Practice Nurses. Presentation at Massachusetts General Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA.
Lamoureux, C. Padula, C., et. al. (April 2013). A Hospital Wide Falls Prevention Initiative. Poster presentation at the NICHE Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Lockett, Y. & Servello, D. (July 2012). Assessment of emerging issues in the school nurse teacher’s office. Lecture series presented for the Providence school nurse teachers, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI.

Matteson, P.(March, 2013). Self-care of the Caregiver. Honored RI Women. Cranston, RI.

Mock, M. (April, 2013). Uncertainty and health literacy: Correlates of heart failure self-care in older adults 30 days post hospitalization. Poster presented at ENRS, Boston, MA.

Mock, M. (May, 2013). Uncertainty and health literacy: Correlates of heart failure self-care in older adults 30 days post hospitalization. Poster presented at VANAP, Providence, RI.

Murphy, J. (January 2013). Simulation and Debriefing Promote Adult CPR Skills Retention. Poster presented at the 13th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), Orlando, FL.

)Murphy, J. & Nimmagadda, J. (April 2013) Using simulation to Promote Quality and Safety through Integration of the Interprofessional Core Competencies (IPEC). Podium presented at the Rutgers Thirty First Annual Interprofessional International Technology Conference, Atlantic City, NJ.

Murphy, J. & Nimmagadda, J. (July 2013). Interprofessional Curriculum: Enhancing Patient Safety.  Presentation at the EMS Sixth Annual Summit, Alberta, Canada.

Padula, C. (May 2013). How to read and understand a nursing research article. Oral presentation at the Providence Veterans Administration Medical Center, Providence, RI.

Quigley, P. (September 2012). Communicating with Technology. Presentation at the STTI Leadership Forum, Indianapolis, IN.

Quigley, P. (April 2013).Communicating with Technology. Poster presentation at the STTI Region 15 Conference, Newport, RI.

Ross, S. (2013). Preconception Health: Opportunities & Challenges, Panel  presenter at the RIDOH and the Rhode Island Chapter of March of Dimes, Preconception Health Summit, Warwick, RI.

Servello, D. (June 2012). Increasing confidence in acute care nurse practitioner students utilizing high fidelity simulation. Poster presentation at the Nurse Educator Conference, Hyannis, MA.

Servello, D. (April 2013). Confidence in acute care nurse practitioner students. Poster presentation at Annual Research Conference, University of Southern Indiana.

Shaw, S. & Deckro, J. (November 2012). Innovations in Clinical Education: Joining Forces with Community/Public Health Nursing Students in Veterans Healthcare, Podium presentation at JOINING FORCES TO RESTORE LIVES: Nursing Education and Research in Veterans Health Conference, Tampa, FL.

Smith, N. Coia, B. Creamer, C. Huntley-Newby, D. & Lockett, Y. (October 2012). Excellence in practice through integration of simulation into pediatric clinical experiences. Poster presented at the Villanova University Nurse Educator Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Wilks, M. (June 2012). Authentic Leadership in Teaching and Learning: A Research Proposal. Poster presentation at the Nurse Educator Conference, Hyannis, MA.

Winn, M., & Gerardi, D. (November 2012). Facilitating the Use of Technology/CPRS Instruction Guide for Nursing Students and Nurse Residents, Abstract presented at the Joining Forces Conference, Southern Florida University, Tampa, Florida.

Winn, M., & Gerardi, D. (June 2013). Facilitating the Use of Technology/CPRS Instruction Guide for New Nurses, Nurse Residents and Nursing Students , Abstract  to be presented at the New England Informatics Consortium.

Faculty Grant Activity:

DeMasi, K. (2013) Providence Veterans Administration Medical Center Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency Program. Three year project, funded $330,000.

Padula, C., Watson, M., & Brown, S., A nurse driven family focused delirium assessment and prevention program. Submitted to Lifespan Risk Management for funding consideration, pending decision.

Padula, C. RIGEC subcontract award, 2012-2013.


Brennan, K. Foote, M. Servello, D. Ross, S. received “Best Class at RIC” recognition in the “Best of RI-RIC Student Survey 2012

Carty, A. 2012 Edmund J. Safra Visiting Nurse Faculty Scholar

Costello, J. October 2012 Childhood Lead Action Project, Beyond the Call of Duty Award

DeMasi, K., May 2012 Veterans Health Administration Certified Mento: Awarded Fellow

Gerardi, D. 2013 Office of Nursing Service Award (Bronze) for “Let’s Get Certified  Campaign”

Gerardi, D. 2012 VISN (Silver) for participation in Diabetes Education Redesign

Shelton, C., 2012 Professor Emeritus, and Henry Shelton received the Della Strata Award

Siskind, M. 2012 Edmund J. Safra Visiting Nurse Faculty Scholar

Faculty Certifications:

Gerardi, D. 2012. Certified Nurse Educator, National League for Nursing

Quigley, P. December 2012. Certificate: Completion of Web-based Genetics Institute held July 23, 2012 – November 30, 2012, hosted in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of the Genetics Education Program for Nurses, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Schwager, J. November 26, 2012. Certified by the ANCC in Advanced Public Health Nursing  

Wilks, M. January 2012. Renewal of INCC – Infusion Nurse Specialist, CRNI

Wilks, M. December 2012. Renewal of ANCC –General Nursing Practice


Aflague, J. Consultant/Clinical Relevance Reviewer, McMaster University Evidence-Based practice

Creamer, C. Reviewer for Assessment Technologies, Inc. Review Module and Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing

Mock, M. Manuscript Reviewer for Heart & Lung, The Journal of Acute and Critical Care, Elsevier

Padula, C. Manuscript Reviewer for Journal of Nursing Care Quality, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Applied Research, and JWOCN

Servello, D. Reviewer for Holloway, Physical Assessment Check-Off Notes, Cardiac. F. A. Davis.

Thomas, P. Manuscript reviewer for Public Health Nursing. Wiley Periodicals. 

Student and Graduate Awards, Publications, and Presentations:

DiBlasi, S. M. (2013) Cesarian delivery and urinary retention associated with spinal morphine. Journal of Peri-Anesthesia Nursing. vol. 28, no.3, (June) p. 128-136.

Linde. S. , Machan, J. Beaudry, J., Roy, R., Bushy, N.O., Martin, K. Brucker, A., Basger, J. (2013) Re-evaluation of the critical care pain observation tool (CPOT) in intubated adults following cardiac surgery”. Oral Presentation Award Abstracts published in the American Journal of Critical Care, May 2013, vol. 22, p.21.-48. 

Samoorian, E. Harris, A. Gadbois, A. & Williams, J. (November 2012). Clear Lungs, Clear Minds: Promoting a Tobacco-Free School of Nursing. Presented at Promising Practices, Rhode Island College.

Schnell, Sarah.  (April 2013) Assessing the Risk of Hyperpharmacotherapy in a Group of Older Adults. Poster presentation at the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) Annual Conference , Boston, MA.

Schnell, Sarah. (May 2013) Assessing the Risk of Hyperpharmacotherapy in a Group of Older Adults. Poster presentation at the Providence VA Medical Center First Annual Nursing Research Day, Providence, RI.

Warren, Elizabeth, sophomore basic baccalaureate student, won the Grand Prize in the scholarship essay contest for her essay, The Ugly Elephant.  ​

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