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SON Accomplishments 2010 – 2011

Faculty Publications

Aflague, J. M. and Ferszt, G. G. 2010. Suicide assessment by psychiatric nurses: A phenomenographic study. Issues in Mental Health Nursing 31: 248-256.

Blasdell, N. The History of Spirituality in Nursing. Journal of Holistic Nursing (manuscript under review)

Creamer, A.M. & Murphy, J.I. 2010.Transforming professional practice through a partnership: The VA Nursing Academy The Rhode Island Nurse 7 (4): 7.

Dacey, M., Murphy, J.I., Anderson, D.C., and McCloskey, W.W. 2010. An inter-professional service-learning course: Uniting students across educational levels and promoting patient-centered care. Journal of Nursing Education 49 (12): 696-699.

D'Eramo, A. Using PDSA to present the big QI picture to undergraduate students, Nurse Educator. (manuscript under review)

Gerardi, D. 2010. Let's get certified. Advance for Nurses – New England, August 9, 2010. Outside Link

Korber, S. and Padula, C. 2011. Breast navigator program: Barriers, enhancers, and nursing interventions. Oncology Nursing Forum 38 (1): 44-50.

Murphy, J., Creamer, A., Deckro, J., D'Eramo, A., DeMasi, K., Gerardi, D., and Pohlman, E. (Spring 2011). VA Nursing Academy transforming nursing education: Pilot program uses simulation in a practice academic partnership. SimLEARN Newsletter: Excellence in Veterans' Healthcare Newsletter 2 (1): 8. accessible at Outside Link

Padula, C., Disano, C., Ruggiero, C., Carpenter, M., Reppucci, M., Forloney, B., and Hughes, C. 2011. Impact of lower extremity strengthening exercises and mobility on fall rates in hospitalized older adults. Journal of Nursing Care Quality 26 (3): 279-285.

Ross, S. 2010. Midwives in the spotlight: Rhode Island midwives honored at grand rounds. Quickening, Winter Edition.

Servello, D. 2011. General Survey and Vital Sign Assessment. In Jenson, S. Nursing Health Assessment, A Best Practice Approach (pp 90-125). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.

Thomas, P., Mullaney, J., and Grossman-Garber, D. Some people change their ways when they see the light: Others when they feel the heat, Chapter in Maki, P.L. 2010 Coming to Terms with Student Outcomes Assessment. Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Watkins, N., Kennedy, M., Ducharme, M., and Padula, C. 2011. Same-handed and mirrored unit configurations: Is there a difference in patient and nurse outcomes? Journal of Nursing Administration 41 (6): 273-9.

Faculty Presentations:

Blanchette, L. Gremel, K. Schwager, J. "An integrated, multi-faceted approach to cultural competence". Annual Institute of Community Health Nurse Educators, Washington, DC, June 2010

Blanchette, L. "Watching a Public Health Nurse at Work" Annual Institute of Association of Community Health Nurse Educators, Washington, DC, June 2010

Blasdell, N. "Finding the Soul of Spirituality through Qualitative Inquiry", poster presentation at the 19th Annual Conference for Nurse Educators, Transformation of Nursing Education and Practice: Beyond the Horizon, Hyannis, Mass., June 2011

Carty, A., Wood, C., Pearlman, M. "Interdisciplinary partnering to promote nursing research and evidence-based practice in registered nurse staff, poster presentation at the 2nd Annual EBP Research Conference, Warwick, RI, April 7, 2011

Carty, A., Wood, C., Pearlman, M. "Interdisciplinary partnering to promote nursing research and evidence-based practice in registered nurse staff", poster presentation at the Delta Upsilon Chapter-at-Large of Sigma Theta Tau, Spring Program, Providence, RI, April 14, 2011

Costello, J. "Pattern Management" Certified Diabetes Outpatient Educator Advanced Training Conference, Warwick, RI, March 2011.

Creamer, C. & Murphy, J. "Using simulation to increase student vigilance in the clinical setting", poster presentation at the ATI Educator Conference, Orlando, FL. April 2011.

Creamer, C., Servello, D., Murphy, J. "Using technology to improve performance testing of assessment skill", poster presentation at the ATI Educator Conference, Orlando, FL. April 2011.

Deckro, J. & Murphy, J. "Transformative Innovations around the Sandbox", poster presentation at the National League for Nursing Fifth Annual Technology Conference, October 29-31, 2010

D'Eramo, A. "Making sense of the quality framework for nursing students" In S. Oppewal (Chair), Curricular Innovations III. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Quality and Safety for Nursing Education National Forum, Milwaukee, WI, June 2011.

Gerzevitz, D. & Quigley, M.P. "Collaborative educational partnership with Romanian nurses to improve palliative care". Accepted for poster presentation at the 41st Biennial Convention of STTI (October 29-November 2011) in Grapevine, TX.

Gremel, K., "Climate, Health and the Global Community", poster presentation at the RISNA Environmental Affairs Committee Conference, Providence, RI, April 2010

Hetzel, K., "Children who are bullied: How nurses can intervene", Annual Nursing Alumni Event at RIC Homecoming 2010, October 2010

Huntley-Newby, D., "Sisterella" presentation at Minority Health Issues Women's Day, Congdon Street Baptist Church, May 2010

Mock, M.S., "Health Literacy: A challenge for the intervention researcher and the participant". In M. McMahon (Chair), Intervention Research: Methodological challenges and potential strategies. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Eastern Nursing Research Society, Philadelphia, PA, March 2011

Mock, M.S., "Uncertainty and Health Literacy: Correlates of heart failure self-care in older adult. Poster presentation at the Annual Madeline Clemente Scholarship Day, University of Massachusetts (First Place Award in PhD Category), May 2011

Murphy, J., Creamer, A., Anderson, G. Lippman, D. Dougherty, M. "VA Nursing Academy: Academic-Practice Partners Advancing the Nation's Health" , accepted for a panel presentation at the National League for Nursing's Education Summit 2011, Orlando, Fl. September 2011

Murphy, J. "HIT Scholars Transforming Nursing Education through Technology Innovations", accepted for a poster presentation at the National League for Nursing's Education Summit 2011, Orlando, Fl. September 2011

Siskind, M. & Davis, D. "Bridging academics with the clinical nursing education: The Dedicated Education Unit", presentation at The Miriam Hospital Conference, Nurses at the Wheel: The Driving Forces of Change, Warwick, RI, April, 2011

Servello, D. "Handle with Care", presentation at the RI Invitational SPH Symposium, Women & Infants Hospital, Providence, RI, Spring 2011

Smith, N. "The effect of perinatal morbidity, child health and maternal influences on social competence in formerly pre-term infants at age 12 years", poster presentation at the Twenty-seventh Annual Pediatric Nursing Conference, Orlando, Fl, June 2011

Grant Activity

Blanchette, L. (in conjunction with Scituate Health Alliance), DEM Earth Day Grant, April 2010, funded $850.00

Carty, A. & Quigley, M.P. RIC Faculty Development Grant to attend the AACN Master's Education Conference in Scottsdale AZ, February 2011, funded $1,000

DeNuccio, G.Quigley, P., Creamer, C. Wood,C., participants in the Partners Investing in Nursing (PIN) Grant, "Creativity & Connections", 2009-2012

Gremel, K. "Volgistics and Volunteer Project", RI Public health Institute, funded $1995.00

Gremel, K. and Blanchette, L. "Public Health Nursing Workforce in Rhode Island" RI Public Health Institute, funded $2,000.00

Padula, C. PI Advanced Nursing Education Traineeship funds, 2009-2010, funded $5,000

Quigley, P. & Records, A. Selected participants in QSEN Faculty Development Institute, Quality and Safety in Nursing: Enhancing Faculty Capacity, American Association of Colleges of Nursing QSEN Educational Consortium. Washington, DC. April 2010

Quigley, M.P. RIC Faculty Development grant to attend the Nurse Educator Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, February 2011, funded $1,000

Williams, J.(with M. Scroczynski, PI), MA-NH-RI Regional Collaborative for Inter-Professional Education, Patrners in Nursing (PIN6) Grant, funded $225,000



Carty, Anne. Faculty Speaker , RIC Cap & Gown Convocation, May 2010

Costello, Joanne. Healthy Housing Award for dedication to the placement of refugees in safe and healthy housing in RI, Rhode Island Department of Health, May 2011

Creamer, Claire. 2010 Caring Award, University of Rhode Island College of Nursing, October, 2010

Gremel, K. Chapter Service Award, Delta Upsilon Chapter-at-Large, December 2010

Huntley-Newby, Donna. Distinguished Practitioner, National Academy of Practice, Washington, DC, March 2010

Padula, Cynthia. Nurse Research of the Year, Rhode Island State Nurses Association, April 2011

Servello, Debra. Item Writer, approved by the RI Board of Nursing and selected by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to participate on a panel of experts for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN


Patricia Brady, MSN Graduate, January 2011, RISNA Nurse Educator of the Year Award, April 2011.

Kristen Kichefski, Class of 2012, Janssen Scholarship Recipient

Deborah McKenna. Class of 2012. Army Nurse Corps Association Memorial Scholarship: $3,000.


MacLeod, Cynthia. RIC Alumni Honor Roll Award, May 2011

Plourd, Bertha. Mary Louise Gilbane Carolan Memorial Scholarship, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI . November 2010


Mary Byrd reviewed article for Public Health Nursing

Claire Creamer reviewed multiple chapters of

ATI RN Care of Children review module

Annette Griffin completed review of Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing (12th Ed.) Lippincott Wilkins & Williams: Philadelphia, PA

Judy Murphy regularly reviewed for the Journal of Nursing Education

Debra Servello reviewed Oches, G. (2011) Study Guide and Skills Performance Check Lists. (8th Ed) St. Louis: Elsevier/Mosby and Potter, P. and Perry, A. (2011) Fundamentals of Nursing (8th Ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier/Mosby.

Patricia Thomas reviewed article for Public Health Nursing​

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