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​Justin DiLibero

Assistant Professor/Graduate Department
School of Nursing

Nursing Education Center - Providence (272)
(401) 456-9720​​

Academic Background

A.D.N. Quinsigamond Community College, 2003
B.S.N. University of Phoenix, 2009
M.S.N. Adult-Gerontology CNS/Nurse Educator, University of Cincinnati, 2013
DNP Northeastern University, 2017

Courses Taught

NURS 372: Adult Health II
NURS 375: Transition to Professional Practice
NURS 510: Adult/Older Adult Health/Illness I
NURS 708: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

Areas of Interest

Critical Care, Neuroscience, Traumatic Brain Injury, Delirium, Sustainable Quality Improvement

Recent Scholarly Activities

DiLibero, J.H., DeSanto-Madeya, S., Dottery, R., Sullivan, L., O’Donoghue, S. (2018). “Improving the Accuracy of Delirium Assessments in Neuroscience Patients: Scaling a Quality Improvement Program to Improve Nurses Skill, Compliance, and Accuracy in the Use of the CAM-ICU Tool.” Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 37(1), 26-34.

DiLibero, J.H., O’Donoghue, S., DeSanto-Madeya, S., Felix, J., Ninobla, A., Woods, A. (2016). “An innovative approach to improving the accuracy of delirium assessments using the Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit (CAM-ICU).” Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 35(2), 74-80.

O’Reilly, K., Roukis, S., Russell, K., Teves, T., DiLibero, J., Yassa, D., Berry, H., Howell, M. (2016). “Standard work for room entry: linking lean, hand-hygiene, and patient-centeredness. Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation.

DiLibero, J.H., O’Donoghue, S., DeSanto-Madeya, S. (2016). “Improving the accuracy of cardiac electrode placement: Outcomes of clinical nurse specialist practice.” Clinical Nurse Specialist: The International Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice, 30(1),45-50.

DiLibero, J.H., Edwards, E., Hanson, D. (2015). “Introducing Massachusetts CSI Nursing Delirium Collaborative.” Nursing Management, 46(11), 10-14.

DiLibero, J.H., Lavieri, M., O’Donoghue, S., DeSanto-Madeya, S. (2015). Withholding or continuing enteral feedings during repositioning and the incidence of aspiration. American Journal of Critical Care, 24(3), 258-261.

Service Outside Rhode Island College

Board of Directors, American Association of Critical Care Nurses

Board of Directors, AACN Certification Corporation

AACN Acute and Critical Care Scope and Standards of Practice Task Force

AACN Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist (ACCNP/ACCNS) Certification Exam Item Writing Committee Member​​

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