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SON Accomplishments




Coia, B. (2017). A Description of Approachable Nurses: The Voice of the Hospitalized Child Doctoral Dissertation, University of Rhode Island, College of Nursing, Kingston, RI.   
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Misto, K. (2017). Nurse Perceptions of Family Nursing During Acute Hospitalizations of Older Adult Patients. Manuscript submitted for publication.
Padula, C. (2017). Impact of electronic devices on the nurse-patient relationship. Publication submitted to Journal of Nursing Care Quality. Awaiting notification.
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Chicoine, W. & Costello, J. (2018, June). The Impact of Rhode Island’s Mandatory Healthcare Worker Influenza Vaccination on Influenza Incidence in Long Term Care Facility Residents. Poster presented at the Association of Community Nurse Educators Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

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Rock, L. (2018, May) Assessment of the Health Promotion of Undergraduate Nursing Students at Rhode Island College: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI.

Grants/Research Activity:

Blanchette, L. & Hetzel, K. SBIRT for Health Professionals, subcontract with the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. (Year 2)

Blanchette, L., Huntley-Newby, D., Williams, J. (PI), Lifespan Respite Grant, Department of    Elderly Affairs, (Year


Coia, B. (2017). A Description of Approachable Nurses: The Voice of the Hospitalized Child. Funded by the SON Dean’s Development Fund. (Year 2)

Galloway, S. (2018) Co-PI with M. Raimondo. Health System Transformation Program, International Service Learning Program, Medicaid – ISA, $132,000.

Girardi, D., Williams, J, & Ector, J.  (2017). VHA Office of Academic Affiliations, PVAMC/RICSON VANAP Partnership. Faculty salary support grant.
$508,500 (5 Years)

Kutenplon, D. (2018). Success Circles: A small-group mentoring intervention for at-risk   baccalaureate nursing students, funded by SON Dean’s Development Fund.  (Year 2)

Lescault, M. (2017). Wavemaker Fellow, RI Commerce Corp. $3,800. (Year2)                                               

Lescault, M. (2017). RIC-COEXIST grant program.

Padula, C., Misto, K., Dame, L., Molloy, P., Nimmagadda, J., Nadeau, K., & Bryand, E. (2017).Strategies to Effectively Use Electronic Documentation in the Client/Provider Relationship, funded by RI-IPE. $5,000.

Sadlon, P. (2017). The human dimension:Incorporating actors into simulation design. Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Upsilon Chapter-at-Large. September 2017 ($1200.00).


Aflague, J.  McMaster University Evidenced-Based/Best Practices 2006 –present.
Byrd, M. Reviewed three articles (August 12, 2017; October 14, 2017; November 1, 2017) for Public Health Nursing.
Creamer, C. Reviewed one article for Sage Open Journal (December, 2017).
Mendonca, L. Reviewed two textbook chapters for the new edition of School Nursing: A comprehensive Text, F.A.Davis.
Padula, C. Reviewed for Applied Clinical Research (1), J of Nursing Care Quality (4), J of Clinical Nursing (1), JWOCN (1).



Lynn Blanchette earned certification as in Advanced Public Health Nurse.
Sheri Boucher earned Lt. Col. Select in Air Force Reserves.
Bethany Coia awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degree, University of Rhode Island, December, 2017.
Joanne Costello named 2017 Rhode Island Monthly Nurse of the Year in an Academic Setting, Honorable Mention. September, 2017.
John Deckro awarded the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, University of Minnesota May, 2018.
Melinda Hodne awarded the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, University of Massachusetts, Boston, May, 2018.
Deborah Kutenplon awarded Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, Indiana Wesleyan University, May, 2018.
Penni Sadlon earned the Bok Teaching Certificate: Higher Education Pedagogy, The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University, February 2018.
Penni Sadlon earned Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE) 2018-2021. 
Jane Williams awarded Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Rhode Island College, May 2018.


Diane Brady RIC 2018 Alumni Honor Roll Award, School of Nursing, Rhode Island College.​​​​​​​​​

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