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Certificate in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety

The Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) will meet a key, identified need to expand nurses’ understanding of quality and safety. The certificate includes five courses (15 cr.) including:

  • NURS 501 Research Methods For Advanced Nursing Practice
  • NURS 502 Health Care Systems
  • NURS 503 Professional Role Development
  • NURS 505 Advanced Pharmacology
  • NURS 519 Quality and Safety Measurement and Management for Advanced Practice Nursing

Click here for course details.

Admission requirements are the same as for the MSN, with the exception that the Miller Analogies Test or the GRE are not required. Students who successfully complete the certificate program may transfer to the Population/Public Health Nursing MSN option.

For all questions related to the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Certificate programs, contact Ellen Morais at 401-456-9612.​​

Page last updated: August 12, 2020