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Women's Tour

This tour includes diverse, representative stories of individual women interred in the North Burial Ground. These women range from 17th century colonists to 20th century immigrants. They include 19th century middle class reformers and the poorer women they hoped to reform; African American servants and the elite women they served; wives and committed bachelorettes; suffragists and feminists; Baptists, Quakers, Catholics, Apostolic Armenians, and Puritans; mothers of 10, devoted daughters, filial sisters and enterprising widows; women who died too young, often in childbirth, and women who lived nearly 100 years. They are scholars, musicians, inventors, writers, publishers, homemakers, caregivers, philanthropists, crusaders, leaders, and pioneers. Together their history reveals the richness of women's contributions to the culture, economy, and political life of the city, state, and beyond.

As with all of the NBG Project tours, this is an ongoing project. The foundation was created by public history students at Rhode Island College, but we welcome your written biographies and suggestions for additions. Over time we hope the women’s tour will grow to include multiple sub tours focused on particular themes that help to more fully develop and explicate the history of women in Rhode Island.