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Alice (Smith) Page (1733- 1772)

Alice Smith was born November 22, 1733 in Providence, Rhode Island as the fourth child of Daniel and Dorcas (Harris) Smith. Her biography reveals something of the joy and suffering typical of 18th century family life. Alice was twenty years old in 1753 when she married Ambrose Page and also gave birth to their first son Benjamin. She bore ten children in all, including seven sons and three daughters. Unfortunately, six succumbed to childhood illnesses and only four of them outlived their mother. These numbers were not uncommon in colonial America. In the months before Alice died on March 13, 1772 at the age of 39, just nine days shy of her eldest son Benjamin's nineteenth birthday, she buried her two youngest children. Alice did not see Benjamin take part in the burning of the Gaspee three months later.

The roots of the Page family extend back to the beginning of Rhode Island's history. Ambrose Page was the son of William and Mary (Soule) Page. William donated his property at 24 Meeting Street in Providence for the construction of the first county courthouse. The courthouse was completed in 1731 and was large enough to be used as the Towne’s Publick House. Ambrose Page inherited his father's business and several properties. He served as a sea captain during the Seven Years War and also as a member of the Rhode Island General Assembly. Benjamin Page followed in his father's footsteps and became a sea captain, serving in the Continental Navy.


Lisa Boutin, Student at Rhode Island College