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Rhoda Carver Barton

Rhoda Carver Barton was born on October 9, 1751 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts to Joseph John Carver III and Sarah Hartwell. She married General William Barton on April 26, 1771. General Barton fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 but is most famous for capturing British General Richard Prescott during the Revolutionary War. Rhoda Barton was twenty years old and apparently pregnant on her wedding day in 1771. She became the mother of nine children that she bore over 20 years. She lived a life similar to a single parent’s because her husband was very rarely home during the war years and later spent fourteen years in prison. She did however have a slave to help with her tasks and the additional ones she had to take on during her husband’s absence. Her husband only returned to her from prison very late in life and passed away soon afterward, in 1831. Rhoda Barton lived an exceptionally long life. She was born a British subject during the reign of King George II and died an American citizen during the administration of John Tyler, who was the tenth president of the United States. In that time span she saw Rhode Island change from a seaside colony to a rapidly industrializing state. She saw the nation gain its independence and then begin to split apart during the antebellum period. Rhoda Barton passed away at the age of 91 on December 12, 1841 and is buried at the North Burial Ground with her husband. Read More...

Anne Ledbetter, Student at Rhode Island College