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Martha Aramian (1934-2014)

Martha Aramian was born on June 9th 1934 in Providence RI. Her parents, Kazar and Nevart, migrated to the United States from Turkey after the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Aramian contributed to the Armenian American community of Providence in a number of ways, including her facilitation of the creation of the Armenian Heritage Park. The park commemorates the victims and survivors of Armenian Genocide. One and a half million Armenians were killed in Turkey during the genocide, with many more displaced from their homes, never to return. The park was built and dedicated in 1995 and contains a monument that states, “A tribute to honor our forefathers who searched for freedom and human dignity.” Aramian, along with her sisters Sue and Margo and the International YMCA, also established and financed the Kasar and Nevart Child Center in Vanadazor, Armenia. The center is for children from the ages of 2-6 and is intended to develop stronger children, families, and community. Because of her contributions to both the Armenian American community and the broader Providence community, Aramian received a number of awards. These awards included the Queen Zabel Award and Woman of the Year award from the Armenian Masonic Degree Team of Rhode Island, which honors Armenians for their contributions to the Armenian Community, and a key to the City of Providence from former Mayor Buddy Cianci. Martha Aramian passed away on January 11, 2014 and is buried at the North Burial Ground. Read More...

Anne Ledbetter, Student at Rhode Island College