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Samuel B. Mumford (1792-1849)

Samuel Brenton Mumford was born to Abigail Brenton and John Fry Mumford, in 1791. He married Louisa Dexter in 1818; the ceremony was performed by Rev. Stephen Gano, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Providence.

Samuel’s profession is listed in the 1820 census as “engaged in commerce.” But by 1826, he had formed Samuel B. Mumford & Co., commercial merchants. His offices were located first on Main Street, and later on South Water Street, in Providence. In 1823, Samuel purchased a lot at 66 College Street for $720, and built a house there in about 1825. He and his family would live there until 1844, when they moved to North Providence.

Mumford was apparently very successful in his business endeavors. He became a director of the Merchants National Bank in 1828 and was one of the 1,009 original owners of the Providence Athenaeum, purchasing share #36 in 1836 for a $100 gift toward the building fund.

Catherine Beyer Hurst, MBA, Writer and Community Historian