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Dr. John Mawney (ca. 1751-1830)

John Mawney appears in two different tours on this site. He achieved fame and notoriety in Rhode Island for his role as a Gaspee Raider, and he appears in the Gaspee tour. As a physician (or at least a medical student) he tended to Lieutenant Dudingston’s wounds after that 1772 raid, and in 1775 became a charter member of the Captain General’s Cavaliers.

And, as the original owner of the house at 135 Benefit St. made famous by “weird fiction” author H.P. Lovecraft as “The Shunned House,” he appears in the H.P. Lovecraft Tour.

His home at 135 Benefit Street was likely built by his mother, as guardian for her son, since it was constructed in 1764 when John was about 13 years old. Amey Gibbs Mawney had been widowed when John was a toddler, and she, John, and her daughter Hannah occupied the house.

Catherine Beyer Hurst, MBA, Writer and Community Historian


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