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Stephen Gano (1762-1828)

Stephen Gano was born in New York City, Dec. 25, 1762, third son of Rev. John and Sarah (Stiles) Gano. He was trained as a doctor at a young age. During the Revolutionary War he served he served as a surgeon’s mate. After the war he continued in medicine but then turned to the ministry and was ordained in 1786. He acted as a missionary in the Hudson River Valley and as far west as Ohio. He came to Providence after the death of Reverend James Manning in Providence. Stephen Gano became Pastor of the First Baptist Church and remained so until his death in Providence August 18, 1828. He was a trustee of Brown University and served on Providence’s school committee. Gano had many children, including Eliza Brown Gano Rogers. Two of his four wives, Mary “Polly” Tallmadge Gano and Mary Brown Gano, are buried in North Burial Ground.

Francis J. Leazes Jr. PhD Rhode Island College