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Certificate Program in Nonprofit Studies

The Alan Shawn Feinstein Institute for Philanthropic Leadership, Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Nonprofit Studies, is a 16-credit course of study that provides students with knowledge and skills appropriate for challenging professional positions in the growing nonprofit sector in Rhode Island and beyond. Students interested in establishing careers in a wide variety of fields - ranging from philanthropy, education, and human services to community development, environmental conservation, and the visual or performing arts - will benefit from exposure to the world of nonprofit organizations.

Program participants learn how nonprofit organizations are established and administered; how they serve different segments of society; how they are funded and the role of philanthropy; how their programs are planned, budgeted, and evaluated; how reliable client data are collected and analyzed; and how human resources, legal, and ethical problems are resolved. Courses are taught by Rhode Island College faculty and professional experts drawn from community-based organizations, with an emphasis on real-world experiences and case studies.

Program elements include a two-semester, core course on American nonprofit organizations and philanthropy (6 credits); a field experience/internship in philanthropy or nonprofit studies (4 credits); a summer institute on professional skills relevant to the nonprofit sector (3 credits); and an elective (3 credits) in an aspect of nonprofit organizations or philanthropy with greatest relevance to each participant's current or likely career trajectory. Successful completion of the 16-credit program leads to the conferring of the Rhode Island College Certificate in Nonprofit Studies.

The Certificate Program in Nonprofit Studies may be undertaken concurrently with any degree program or as a free-standing professional development experience. Earned credits may be transferable to several of the College's degree programs at the discretion of those programs' directors.

Students may apply to the certificate program through the Center for Public Policy and the Alan Shawn Feinstein Institute for Philanthropic Leadership, which jointly administer the program.

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