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PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Island College senior Bryana Mullin (Warwick, RI) was recently featured in the Faces in the LEC section of

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Question and Answer with RIC's Bryana Mullin

Have you had an internship, clinical, or other beyond the classroom work experience?
I have my maternity and psychiatric nursing clinicals this semester. I love them both and have been learning so much at both hospitals. I am really grateful to be able to have them in-person this semester, instead of online like the end of last semester. It's a lot easier to learn all of the skills with hands on patient care.
Are there any community service activities you've enjoyed being involved in?
I have enjoyed helping out at my church with a summer camp called Vacation Bible School. I always have a good time playing games and making crafts with the kids. I also previously enjoyed going to my mom's classroom and reading to her students and helping out for the day.
Are you involved in any clubs/organizations on campus outside of athletics?
Unfortunately, I am not involved in any other clubs or organizations because I spend most of my free time studying. I am currently working as an Anchor Health Ambassador to screen people for COVID symptoms before they entering a building on campus.
Any fun facts you're willing to share about yourself?
I really love peanut butter and just ordered four different holiday flavors of it. I got gingerbread, cookie butter, pumpkin spice, and chocolate pumpkin spice and am a little too excited about them. I did Irish Step Dancing for 10 years. I love Christmas, and have already started decorating weeks ago because it is never too early!
What were you able to do that helped you get through the quarantine period earlier this year?
I did a lot of different things, running was probably the main thing that helped me though. I also went on a lot of bike rides and walks, I really just tried to get outside as much as possible! Along with a lot of other people I learned how to bake and cook, which was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I also read a lot of books and watched Netflix, of course.
What are your career plans after college?
Right now I plan on being a pediatric nurse in a Rhode Island hospital. I am not entirely sure though and am waiting to see how all of my clinicals go to determine which area I like best.