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Students who are eligible

All full and part time students who are included in the official College full-time equivalent (FTE) calculation with a valid Rhode Island College ID are eligible.

Students Who Are Not Eligible

  • High school students in the Early Enrollment program
  • Students enrolled in CEU workshops
  • Students who are attending seminars, advanced placement programs, workshops or any other non-credit courses
  • Students attending Henry Barnard School

Rhode Island College Employees Who Are Eligible

  • Full time faculty, staff and adjunct faculty with a valid Rhode Island College ID are eligible.

People at the College Who Are Not Eligible

  • part-time staff
  • those in a college affiliated program
  • alumni
  • a family member of a RIC employee
  • a grant program employee

Other personnel at the college may not be eligible. If there is a question as to eligibility, the final determination will be made by the College Administration.​

Page last updated: January 27, 2016