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ElianiBasileDrAssociate ProfessorModern LanguagesGaige Hall329ebasile@ric.edu8029/modernlanguages/cv/pages/eliani-basile.aspx
ChiaraFalangolaDrAssociate ProfessorModern LanguagesGaige Hall328cfalangola@ric.edu80298707/modernlanguages/cv/pages/chiara-falangola.aspx
MaricarmenRMargenotDrAssociate ProfessorModern LanguagesGaige Hall327mmargenot@ric.edu87118029/modernlanguages/cv/pages/maricarmen-margenot.aspx
SilviaOliveiraAssociate ProfessorModern LanguagesGaige Hall326soliveira@ric.edu8748/modernlanguages/cv/pages/silvia-oliveira.aspx
DavidRamirezAssistant ProfessorModern LanguagesGaige Hall329dramirez@ric.edu8712

Adjunct Faculty

Maria Albina Gaige Hall
Abdelsalam Basal Gaige Hall
Rafael Castillo Gaige Hall
Gersende Chanfrau Gaige Hall
Karla Crispin Gaige Hall
Irene De Amaral Gaige Hall
Vanessa Del Giudice Gaige Hall
Marco Enriquez    Gaige Hall
Gianina Gastelo Gaige Hall
Nicole Gercke Gaige Hall
Gary Grund Gaige Hall
Anke Kenney Gaige Hall
Yuri Kondratiev Gaige Hall
Karina Mascorro Gaige Hall
Maureen McEntee Gaige Hall
Brianna Medeiros Gaige Hall
Lori Perretta Gaige Hall
Tina-Marie Ranalli Gaige Hall
Vincent Renou Gaige Hall
Ruth Ribner Gaige Hall
Serena Rivera Gaige Hall
Michael Schlang Gaige Hall
Robert Shein Gaige Hall
Rachel Toncelli Gaige Hall
Veronica Valenzuela Gaige Hall
Andres Zuniga Gaige Hall

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