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Language Placement

Don’t know what language course to take?

If you are thinking of taking FRENCH, GERMAN, ​SPANISH or PORTUGUESE the department offers online placement tests. Immediately after completing the exam you will receive a score and the number of the ​course for which you should register.

For PORTUGUESE: visit:​.

For FRENCH, GERMAN or SPANISH: Click here to get started:

Students, please follow these steps to register and complete the WebCAPE requirement:

1. Follow the link to take the exam.
2. Enter your information to register and create an account.
3. Once your information has been entered, click "Create Account".
4. Once the account has been created, click "Sign In" to proceed.
5. Sign in using the email address and password you just used to create your account. Be sure to save this login information in the event you need to access your account again. You can log back in at any time at
6. After signing in, you will be brought to your Dashboard. From here, you can select the language(s) you would like to take by clicking on "Take Test" and proceeding through the exam.
7. Once you have finished the exam, please print your results and give them to your advisor.​

If you wish to enroll in Arabic, Italian, Japanese or Latin, please see the Chair of the Department, Eliani Basile​ (456-8029,​​​

You will not be able to register yourself into a 102 or higher course. Please send a screenshot of your Placement Test results along with the course and section number you wish to take to the Modern Languages Secretary, Erin Riordan (​​ and she will register you.​​​

Page last updated: September 04, 2020