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​Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why isn’t there a men’s center?
    “As a group, men have not been systematically denied access, faced gender oppression, or had to fight for equal rights based on gender or because of their status as men. However, this does not mean that men have not suffered because of our gender system or that individual men have not experienced cruelty and violence as a result of cultural issues related to misogyny, masculinity and gender expression. Women on the other hand, have historically experienced, and in many cases continue to experience, discrimination in areas such as representation, employment and salary equity. Men as part of other disenfranchised identity groups have had to fight for some of these rights, but not because they are men: in these cases, the fight has been about race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status and a variety of other issues.” (University of North Dakota)
  2. Do you have pregnancy tests?
    a. We do not provide pregnancy tests. Health Services​ (on campus) provides free pregnancy tests.
  3. Do you provide Plan B?
    a. We do not provide Plan B. Local pharmacies carry Plan B (Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Walmart) and range from $46-$50.
  4. Do you have Band-Aids?
    a. Yes, we have Band-Aids and basic first aid supplies.
  5. Do you have feminine products?
    a. Yes, we provide FREE tampons and pads in emergency situations. Our motto is…”Take what you need but don’t take advantage!”
  6. What safe sex/contraception items do you have? ​
    a. We provide FREE male condoms, female condoms, dental dams, flavored condoms, and lubricant. Also, we provide resources about birth control options and STD/STI testing.
  7. Are men allowed in the space?
    a. Yes! All individuals who respect and advocate for women are welcome in the space.
  8. Do you have Tylenol/Advil?
    a. No, we do not carry any medicine. Health Services can provide you with a pain reliever.
  9. Can I breastfeed/pump in the space? Where can I store milk?
    a. Yes, you can use the private office space to pump or breastfeed. You may also store your milk in the Women’s Center’s refrigerator.
  10. Are my children welcome?
    a. Yes! Feel free to bring your children with you anytime! We have a few toys and coloring pages available to help keep them entertained.
  11. Can I eat in the space?
    a. Yes! Come have lunch with us anytime! We have a refrigerator and microwave available for anyone to use.
  12. Can my student org or group meet in your space?
    a. The space is always welcome to groups! Just check our coordinator to make sure another group doesn’t already have the space reserved.
  13. Can I use the computers?
    a. Yes, the computers are open to student use. However, printing is available in the Library, the Horace Mann computer lab, or the Whipple computer lab.
  14. How can I become involved with the Women’s Center?
    a. If you are interested in working at the Women’s Center, we hire work study students. There are volunteer opportunities if you would like to contribute to projects or events. If you are unable to commit time, we encourage you to stop by with ideas or suggestions on events you would like the Women’s Center to provide.
  15. Is there someone there I can talk to?
    a. The Women’s Center provides peer support to students looking to discuss important issues. The Women’s Center does not have trained mental health providers. Those seeking professional counseling are encouraged to visit the Counseling Center on campus.​

Page last updated: June 12, 2019