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Grants/Funds for Studying Abroad

NAFSA Study Abroad Database
A variety of organizations and institutions provide scholarships and grants for study abroad from the United States. Many provide assistance that is targeted to specific student populations (underrepresented student groups; African Americans; Asian Americans; Latino/Latina Americans; Native Americans; students with disabilities; gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered students).

Diversity Abroad – Scholarship Directory
Diversity Abroad’s mission is to create equitable access to the benefits of global education by empowering educators, engaging stakeholders, and connecting diverse students to resources and opportunity.

IIE Generation Study Abroad Travel Grants
IIE will make funds available for U.S. students from a broad range of backgrounds to make it possible for them to participate in academic, internship or service-learning experiences abroad.

Sol Education Study Abroad Scholarships
The goal of our annual scholarships is to allow students who would not be able to participate in a Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion program, to do so. We want to make study abroad available to students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Page last updated: February 04, 2020