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Bias Response Committee


The purpose of this advisory committee is to enhance Rhode Island College’s commitment to best practice in diversity, equity, and inclusion for faculty, staff and students.


This committee will support the Office of Institutional Equity by:

  • Reviewing reports of bias incidents
  • Identifying trends and patterns in bias incidents
  • Recommending best practices as needed
  • Communicating committee activities to the Director of Institutional Equity
  • Submitting meeting minutes and producing a quarterly report for the Office of Institutional Equity
  • Review data and offer recommendations to the Office of Institutional Equity.


The committee shall be comprised of the following members:

  • Chair: Director of Institutional Equity
  • Affirmative Action Business Analyst
  • Dean of Students
  • Two (2) faculty members designated by the College Council Chair
  • Unity Center representative
  • Undergraduate representative
  • MSW graduate representative
  • Human Resources Director or designee
  • Campus Police Chief or designee

Appointed members will hold their positions for at least two (2) years. All members may continue their appointment until replacement members are appointed.

Page last updated: March 06, 2021