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Institute For Early Childhood Teaching and Learning

RIC program puts childcare workers on track to bachelor's degree

Published in the Providence Journal - August 10, 2015

Rhode Island College, in collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Education, has de-signed the Institute for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning to provide opportunities and pathways for individuals currently working in the field of early childhood education to complete their bachelor’s degree in one of two areas of study: Early Childhood Learning (PreK-2 certification) or Early Childhood Education Concentration Birth-5.

These innovative bachelor’s degree programs are made available through a collaboration among Rhode Island College, Exceed and T.E.A.C.H. ® R.I.

For additional information about these new programs or to find out how your coursework can lead to PreK-2 certification or a Birth-5 concentration, please contact: Dr. Susan Zoll, Assistant Professor, FSEHD Elementary Education, and Director, Institute for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning, at (401) 456-8414.

Exceed is Rhode Island’s cross-departmental initiative to implement the work of Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant.T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood R.I. ® is funded by Exceed and administered by Ready to Learn Providence.

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