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Birth to 5 Concentration

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with a Concentration in Birth-5 Program
AA to BA
Semester 1 Fall 2015 ECED 302: Early Childhood Development, Birth to Eight (3 cr)
ECED 332: Building Family, School, and Community Partnerships (3 cr)
Semester 2 Spring 2016 ECED 350 Topics: Developmental Approaches to Teaching and Learning (3 cr)
ECED 350 Topics: Supporting Young Children’s Social Emotional Development (3 cr)
Semester 3 Summer 2016 ECED 350 Topics: Contextualizing Infant Toddler Education (3 cr)
HED? 350: Infant Toddler Health and Wellness (3 cr)
Semester 4 Fall 2016 ECED 450: Assessment in Early Childhood Education (3 cr)
Infant and Toddler Social/Emotional Development and Learning (3 cr)
Semester 5 Spring 2017 Infant and Toddler Language Development and Learning (3 cr)
Infant and Toddler Cognitive Development and Learning (3 cr)
Semester 6 Summer 2017 Infant and Toddler Curriculum (3 cr)
Supporting Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs (3 cr)
Approved Elective (3-4 cr)
Semester 7 Fall 2017 Approved Elective (3-4 cr)
Approved Elective (3-4 cr)
Semester 8 Spring 2018 ECED 439: Student Teaching in Infant/Toddler Settings (9 cr)
ECED 469: Best Practices in Infant/Toddler Settings (3 cr)

*In addition to the above outline of cohort courses, students will need to complete CEP 315, FNED 346 as well as any outstanding required general education courses. These courses will not be scheduled as part of the cohort, but will be completed by students individually –you can begin to complete these courses January 2015 and Summer 2015, prior to program courses beginning Fall 2015.

All cohort members are required to attend academic and non-academic support sessions each week on Wednesdays from 3-5pm in Horace Mann 063; dinner tickets to Donovan Dining Hall will be provided. Cohort courses will follow the support sessions on Wednesday evenings from 5-8pm in Horace Mann 063 and delivered using a hybrid model (face to face delivery with on-line content and assignments). ​

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