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Manage Protocols

For New Research

All protocols must be submitted digitally for veterinary pre-review prior to committee review. Prior to new or full protocol review investigators/instructors must consult with the attending veterinarian (Tiffany Borjeson, DVM).

All activities affiliated in any way with RIC, which involve use, maintenance or transport of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals must be approved by the IACUC.

Prior approval must be obtained before animals are purchased or any such activity is initiated.

Individuals wishing to conduct such activities must complete an Microsoft WordApplication For Use of Vertebrate Animals For Research or Teaching.

Depending on the nature of the experimentation proposed, the Application also may require submission of one or more appendices. If so, use one or more of the following links to access complete and submit the form to Dr. Steven Threlkeld, Chair of the Rhode Island College IACUC:

Principal investigators should plan to complete and submit a hard copy of the application and any associated appendices to the IACUC chair at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The attending veterinarian should be contacted two weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting. The committee currently meets four times each year. Substantial lead-time is required when seeking federal funding for animal-related projects, because evidence of IACUC approval typically must be submitted with the application. Therefore, investigators submitting grants involving the use of animals should consult with the IACUC chair and attending veterinarian early in the grant writing process.

Approved protocols require yearly continuing research review and a three-year full review as mandated by Federal Public Health Service Policy. Renewal and three year full reviews must be completed no later than the date of expiration in order for the study to be in compliance with federal regulations. Federal regulations do not allow for ANY grace period for renewal.

Investigators and instructors are responsible for accurate and timely protocol submission.

For Continuing Research

For principal investigators/instructors whose animal care protocol has been submitted, reviewed and approved by IACUC in the manner above, a yearly Continuing Review Form must be submitted to continue research.

The continuing review form must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC no later than the date of expiration in order for the study to be in compliance with federal regulations. Again, federal regulations do not allow for ANY grace period for renewal.

Note: Do not submit the Continuing Review Form unless you have an already-approved animal care protocol.

For Completed Research

Principal investigators whose animal care protocols have ended or research has been completed prior to the expiration date of the approved protocol must submit a Protocol Closeout Form indicating that the research has been completed. All animals used in the final year of the proposal must be reported for the third/final year of an approved full protocol as is required for the yearly continuing review.

Page last updated: April 28, 2016