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Maggie Sullivan

Human Resources Staff

(401) 456-8216
(401) 456-8717 (fax)


 Building #6
 East Campus
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Applicants that have
questions or require
assistance with their on-
line application please
email us at or
call our office during
business hours at
(401) 456-8216

Human Resources

Roberts Hall

COVID-19 Daily Screenings

View important information for those reporting to work.

Teleworking Program

View information about the State of Rhode Island Teleworking Policy, forms and FAQs.

Important Announcement from Human Resources

Dear Rhode Island College Campus Community,

The Office of Human Resources will continue to remain open for business during the COVID-19 emergency period; however, HR staff are primarily teleworking. To insure your safety and the safety of our staff the following protocols have been implemented indefinitely:

VISITORS: HR staff are primarily teleworking; therefore, visitors to the Office of HR are by appointment only. To make an appointment, please contact one of the individuals listed below that best meets your needs. When you arrive for your appointment, please ring the DOORBELL inside the Office of HR vestibule. Visitors without an appointment will not be allowed access. Visitors are required to wear a face covering and follow social distancing guidelines pursuant to all COVID CDC, RIDOH and Governor’s Executive Orders.

MAIL/DOCUMENT PICKUP: Employees who have a document to drop off may place it in the secured mailbox near the exterior door of the Office of HR. An employee who is picking up documents will be given specific instructions regarding their pick up. An HR representative will inform you that your documents will either be placed in a mail bin inside the Office of HR vestibule or an HR representative will hand it to you when you arrive. In any case, please ring the doorbell when you have dropped off a document or have arrived to meet with an HR Representative for pick up. Whenever possible, documents that are available electronically should be emailed or faxed to the appropriate HR staff member.

OFFICE PHONE LINES: If you call the Office of HR main line, 456-8216, a live person will answer the phone when someone is available; otherwise, please leave a message and one of our staff will make every effort to return your call within one or two business days. If your call is urgent, do not leave a message on the main line, instead contact one of the individuals below that may best meet your immediate needs. If you’re calling with an emergency, contact campus police at 456-8888.

OFFICE EMAIL: Please email the appropriate HR staff person with any requests or questions. If you are unsure who to email, please send an email to the Office of HR general email account at:

HR Representatives and general areas of responsibility include but are not limited to the following:

Maggie Sullivan, Director of HR, 456-8442 - Areas of responsibility include: HR operations and systems including related policies/procedures and compliance matters, Labor matters, ADA accommodations, Recruitment and employment matters, Position and compensation equity matters, Staff performance, behavioral, conflict and disciplinary matters, Visa Issues, complaints that are not discriminatory.

Supported by Sandra Langlois, HR Assistant, 456-9880 - Areas of responsibility include: All non-classified Applicant Tracking (PeopleAdmin) questions and issues; background investigation coordination, Visa questions, appointments/meeting scheduling for Director; employment verifications and Monthly payroll processing/tracking, tuition waivers; verification of employment for faculty, non-classified staff (PSA/NUNC); monthly contracts, tuition waivers.

Beth Cabana, Manager of 456-9841 - Areas of responsibility include: Non-classified position and compensation issues, Benefit matters for all groups including tuition waivers, Extended leave management for all groups, Exit interviews. Processing of all non-classified retirees. Review all requests for loans, in-service withdrawals and rollovers for all voluntary retirement plans. COVID case management.

Supported by Susanne Senra, HR Assistant, 456-8444- Areas of responsibility include: All non-classified CS-3’s and new hires; address changes, direct deposit forms, retirement contributions changes, general benefits questions, College Id’s, other personnel transactions; onboarding, monthly payroll hiring, non-classified data entry, tuition waivers.

Danielle Silva, HR Assistant, 456-4759 - Areas of responsibility include: All Classified CS-3’s, new hires, transfers, address changes, direct deposit forms, and other personnel transactions; classification updates, ERS forms, Classified recruitment, position and compensation matters, onboarding, classified data entry. COVID case management, tuition waivers.

Janine Tegu, Manager of HR, 456-8762 - Areas of responsibility include: Non-classified recruitment and position management, Classified postings, Worker compensation insurance management for all groups, Unemployment Claims management, HR data management;  verification of employment for faculty, non-classified staff (PSA/NUNC); adjuncts and monthly contracts.

Gregory Stewart, Interim HR Assistant, 456-6390 - Areas of responsibility include: COVID Employee Case Management, COVID leave management, COVID web site updates, related COVID matters and reporting. Assist with general leave management.

Page last updated: March 17, 2021