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Peter Karibe Mendy

Craig-Lee Hall (470)
(401) 456-9696

Academic Background

Ph.D. (Birmingham University, England)
M.Soc.Sc. (Birmingham University, England)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Keele University, England)
B.A. (Sheffield University, England)

Courses Taught

HIST 101 Africa in the World
HIST 161 Western History
HIST 163 Perspective on Africa
HIST 236 Post-Independence Africa
HIST 265 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Africa
HIST 348 Africa under Colonial Rule
HIST 349 History of Contemporary Africa
HIST361 Seminar in History
HIST 371 Reading Course in History
HIST552 Africa under Colonial Rule
HIST 561 Graduate Seminar in History
HIST 571 Graduate Reading Course in History
AFAM 162 West Africa
AFRI 200 Introduction to Africana Studies
ANTH 162 African Worlds
HONR 163 Seminar in Non-Western Cultures
INGO 401 Applied Development Studies

Areas of Competence

History of Africa
Africa under European Colonial Rule
Portuguese Colonialism in Africa
African Resistance to European Colonialism
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery in the Americas
Contemporary African History
Government and Politics in Contemporary Africa
West African Studies
Africana Studies
Applied Development Studies
International Non-Governmental Organizations Studies
European Colonial Rule in Africa
Contemporary African History and Politics

Research Fields

Civil - Military Relations in Contemporary Africa
The Military and Politics in Guinea-Bissau
Democratization Processes in Lusophone Africa
Elections and Electoral Processes in Lusophone Africa
War-to-Peace Transitions in Lusophone Africa


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2011 “The 2005 Presidential Elections in Guinea-Bissau: Challenged Democratization in a Precarious State,” in Abdoulaye Saine, Matt Houngnikpo & Boubacar N’Diaye (eds.) Elections and Democratization in West Africa, 1990-2009. Trenton: Africa World Press.

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1990 “A Economia Colonial da Guiné-Bissau: ‘Nacionalizaçăo’ e Exploraçăo,” in SORONDA, Revista de Estudos Guineense, Volume 9.

Work in Progress

Civil-Military Relations in Guinea-Bissau, 1980-2020

Page last updated: March 09, 2020