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Undergraduate Programs

The major in history provides students with marketable skills that are transferable to other disciplines and essential to success in a variety of professions. In addition to acquiring an invaluable perspective on world affairs, history majors become skilled in critical reading, organization, writing, and analysis. This training is excellent preparation for graduate school and law school and for careers in business, civil service, government, research, and teaching.

The full degree program in history requires the completion of at least 120 semester hours, including General Education, the Writing Requirement, the Mathematics Competency Requirement, electives, and the major requirements listed below. In addition, at least seven courses, including the seminar, must be taken at the 300-level. History 161 cannot count toward the major. Students begin the major in the sophomore year, usually by taking History 200 first and by meeting with an advisor to plan their concentration. For those students interested in pre-law preparation the department provides a pre-law advisor.

Teacher Education Programs

Students who major in history may pursue an elementary education or a secondary education teacher preparation program. History students pursuing a program in secondary education should visit Educational Studies, Elementary Education, and Middle Level Endorsement.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Page last updated: March 09, 2020