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Julianne Hanavan​, Ph​D
Project Director
223 Alger Hall
Institute for Education in Health Care, RIC
(401) 456-6360

Sarah R. Lawrence, CCHW, Ph​D
Director of the Community Health Worker Association of RI
222 Alger Hall
Institute for Education in Health Care, RIC
(401) 456-9039​

​Healthy Jobs RI

About Us

​The Healthy Jobs for Rhode Island industry partnership was formed in 2015 by Rhode Island College and the Hospital Association of Rhode Island. The partnership is housed at Rhode Island College’s Institute for Education in Healthcare​. Healthy Jobs RI is supported by Real Jobs funding​ from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training.

​The partnership seeks to:

  • Identify and respond to new and changing healthcare workforce needs identified by employer partners.
  • Assist unemployed and underemployed Rhode Islanders with appropriate training to qualify them for vacant healthcare positions.
  • Create a pipeline for incumbent workers to enhance their career and wages through training and mentorship.
  • Align training to assist employers in improving retention, reducing turnover and filling vacancies.​

Page last updated: July 19, 2018