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Program / Learning Goals

Upon completing the Community and Public Health Promotion Major, students will have the skills needed to:

  1. Develop and execute data collection and needs assessment strategies to effectively measure health statues of individuals and groups.
  2. Demonstrate functional knowledge critical to community and population-based health promotion programs.
  3. Design and implement individual and/or community and population-based health promotion programs based on theoretical frameworks, needs assessment results, and evidence-informed practices.
  4. Design and deliver community and population health promotion programs that address health equity.
  5. Develop evaluation plans for community and population-based health promotion programs.

Graduates of the BS in Community Health and Wellness will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate health disparities of various populations, including individuals from underserved populations.
  • Continue to develop a strong understanding of the current trends, challenges, and critical issues, necessary for development of innovate and effective health promotion solutions.
  • Master specific tools, skills, and evidence-informed practice that enable them to help clients adopt healthful behaviors.
  • Use critical reasoning skills to interpret current scientific research.
  • Assume responsibilities contingent with entry- and mid-level positions in the field of community and public health promotion.
  • Be prepared to pursue admission into advanced degree programs.
  • Contribute to the field of health promotion by developing strategies and reinforcing organizational structures that lead to community health education and health promotion goals.​​​

Page last updated: March 03, 2020