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Goodwill Industries of Rhode Island

Rhode Island College has been proud to support the Green Collar Jobs training program facilitated by Goodwill Industries of Rhode Island. The college provides Goodwill Industries with its e-waste and also sponsors events that enable the community to do the same. Goodwill collects e-waste and used clothing at the Fruit Hill Farmers Market at RIC, the Green UP Clean UP event, at the Earth Day e-waste drive, and the end of the year move outs at the residence halls. DVDs and VHS tapes that are cycled out of Adams Library also make their way to Goodwill in support of their job training program. This training expands job opportunities to include jobs in all recycling industries. All of the weights of these items are recorded by Goodwill which allows the college the ability to report these numbers in its waste diversion efforts.

RI Beekeepers Association

Rhode Island College and the Rhode Island Beekeepers Association have been working together to nurture the RI honey bee population. The college and RIBA offer beginner beekeeping classes that accommodates 140 students in 2 sections during the month of February. During the summer, workshops are offered on intermediate beekeeping subject matter at the RIC Apiary using the two RIC hives as a lab environment. Through this innovative partnership with the Rhode Island Beekeepers Association, students and area residents have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about urban beekeeping. Members of the Southside Community Land Trust and students from the Henry Barnard School have utilized the RIC Apiary for workshops and class trips. RIC is also using this partnership to better understand colony collapse disorder which is a global epidemic affecting the honey bee population.

Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living

Rhode Island College and the Apeiron Institute have partnered on a number of projects, the most successful of which is the Sustainable School Summit which RIC hosted in 2012 and will host again in 2014. The Sustainable School Summit brings students, faculty and staff from K-12 schools from around the state to meet and exchange ideas on the integration of sustainability principles and practices into school curriculum, culture, physical infrastructure and operations.

Rhode Island College is also working with Apeiron on the development of a green jobs training to help individuals and institutions create sustainable lifestyles, communities, and institutional practices. Rhode Island College and Apeiron are also working with DEM and Renewable Now to develop a Rhode Island Green Business Network.

SAVE THE DATE for the 2014 Sustainable Schools Summit this Fall at Rhode Island College!

Renewable Now

Rhode Island College is a sponsor of Renewable Now which spotlights the business side of green in both television and radio mediums. Peter Arpin seeks out both individuals and companies that utilize green business practices to save the environment and maximize profit. Rhode Island College’s sustainability coordinator, Jim Murphy, joins Peter on the radio the last Wednesday of every month to talk about RIC’s sustainability efforts and interview local and national guests. The show airs on 1320 AM WARL on Wednesdays from 1:00-2:00 pm. For more on these partnerships please click on the links below:

Page last updated: May 31, 2016